Silvanna Mobile Legends, New Hero Fighter, One-on-One Specialist!

What are the criteria like fighter which is good in your opinion? Have damage big? Skillset with complete CC? Able to move places swiftly?

If you answered yes to all of the questions above, hero the latest Mobile Legends who is currently inside advanced server might be fighter best for you.

Her name is Silvanna, he is a fighter with skill set which is quite complete for hero with role the. Starting from stun, dash, until Dot, Silvanna will probably be an easy target from nerf hammer when released later. Curious? Check out the video below first.

Silvanna has the appearance of a royal member with a white gold dress with blue accents that beautifies her appearance but still gives off the impression of a royal knight.

Then what about skillset-his? Let’s look together.

Passive – Knightess Resolve

Silvanna’s usual attack delivers damage equal to a total of 100% physical attack and 35% magic power. Every time skill Silvanna hits the enemy, he will give a sign, this sign will lower magic defense as much as 4 points with a duration of 5 seconds.

If the enemy mark reaches 5 stacks, skill Silvanna gives 30% damage more and detonate those targets.

Skill 1 – Cometic Lance

silvanna mobile legends
source: YouTube

Silvanna attacks with her spear, dealing 150 (+ 70% magic power) to all enemies before him and gives stun on the first enemy for 0.8 seconds.

If skill this is about the enemy, Silvanna will get additional movement speed as much as 40% for 2 seconds, then he can activate skill this is the second time and moves towards the player’s choice, dealing 250 (+ 100%) damage. magic power)

Skill 2 – Spiral Strangling

silvanna mobile legends
source: YouTube

Silvanna stabs her spear in a certain direction 6 times, each stab gives 130 (+ 25% magic power) and pulls the enemy gradually towards the center with one more increasing stab attack speed as much as 50%. Moment skill this is active, Silvanna gets 180 (+ 60% magic power) shield.

Ultimate – Imperial Justice

silvanna mobile legends
source: YouTube

For a while, Silvanna entered combat mode and charged up before finally leaping in the specified direction then delivering damage by 350 (+ 110% magic power) to the enemy hit by Silvanna’s jump.

The enemy closest to the middle of Silvanna’s jump area will be trapped and unable to get out for 5 seconds. If Silvanna is in the circle, he gets 50% attack speed.

Equipped with skillset contain hard CC and extra attack speed, not to mention the fact that Silvanna is fighter with a focus on magic power but still rely on casual attacks, it seems hero this one will be fighter which is quite unique but still terrible to fight.

Editor: Yubian Asfar