SingSing Getting “Crazy” on the Stream, Deed Wagamama

To make it laugh, SingSing is back on his regular stream on Twitch. Known as one of the most entertaining DOTA 2 players on the stream, SingSing is back to doing silly things on the stream that make a lot of people laugh.

This time, the madness came when he used Mirana for the mid position. Meeting Wagamama using Brewmaster seemed to make SingSing very frustrating.

How could I not, apart from her hero display error, it turns out that Wagamama managed to make SingSing difficult to farm by using Drunken Haze. Emotionally, SingSing slammed his mouse. But still, Waga continued to give her Drunken Haze.

SingSing has now decided to retire from competitive DOTA 2 even though yesterday had appeared with a new team, but it seems that it is not as serious as the teams he defended before. SIngSing’s busyness is none other than being a streamer for Cloud9, the team he has worked for several years ago.