SingSing Retires From The Pro Scene

Being a pro player is indeed one extraordinary thing. Follow passion and climb the ladder of success, who is not proud? The years passed, one by one the pro players decided to retire. And surprising news came from SingSing, who suddenly declared his retirement. Is it true?

DotaBlast successfully interviewed the 25-year-old player after Kaipi failed to make his way to the Boston Major in the qualifying round. SingSing said many things in the interview. One of them was that he explained what was the problem so Kaipi failed to escape qualifier. He also had time to explain how Pieliedie had been stand-in and managed to get a spot on qualifier Yesterday’s WCA, pieliedie was what this team needed.

SingSing also expressed his disappointment with Valve. According to him, Valve doesn’t care much for small teams, as well as when holding their official tournaments. For example, like during the Boston Major announcement, really close with DreamLeague which finally made 3 teams resign.

Chances are, this is what led SingSing to finally claim to hang the mouse. He said that this idea had existed before with Kaipi, he had discussed it with Bone7. And now he is sure to do it. Focus on stream and real life so the biggest reason. However, whether we admit it or not, SingSing is indeed one of them streamer Favorite DOTA 2. With its distinctive style, SingSing is very entertaining at every stage stream it does.

There are still many things in the interview. You can watch it here.

Well, good luck Singing on the new journey! We’ll be missing you!