Singularity Esports Breaks Farewell with CS: GO Roster

One of the teams CS: GO located in Denmark and Sweden, Singularity Esports has officially announced their separation from rooster-his. They decided this was due to the team’s internal reconstruction and complicated financial arrangements.

This made this team the second team to have released rooster-after the EnVyUs Team. However, unlike the team, Singularity did not completely let go of this team due to their poor performance.

Reporting from the official Singalurity Esports website, this team decided to part with roosterrelated to the financial problems that surround the team.

They admit that finance will be focused on internal development of the esports organization.

With this decision, Singularity was forced to release the remaining 10-month contract with the line-ups they had brought from the team Gatekeepers last August 2017. Here are the ranks of the former Singularity division team players CS: GO:

  • André BARBARR Möller
  • Benjamin BENDJI Söderena
  • Alfred RuStY Karlsson
  • Hugo HugoXD Hallgren
  • Nicolas Plopski Gonzalez Zamora
singularity esports csgo
Farewell to Singularity Esports. Source: Singularity Website

There is no certainty regarding the steps of the former Singularity Esports retainer in the future. But one thing is certain, they will carry out official free agent status since July 5 2018.

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Some changes rooster it is commonplace, and finances itself is still a fairly common problem. At least, the esports team needs some achievements to collaborate with several sponsors.

CS: GO division Singularity Esports players. Source: HLTV

However, Singularity itself has several tournaments that are quite encouraging, at least the winner in a row in the event Danmark League, Masters, and Copenhagen Games 2017.

Singularity itself is still considered ‘good at home’ through their lack of titles in the international competitive arena.

However, the team management deserves to be pinned on appreciation, which continues to provide salary compensation and respectfully release the players.

Similar things have happened in several other esports organizations, namely Iceberg Esports. This Canadian esports team had time to release several players, but it started with drama and without clarity about the organization.

Singularity Esports players. Source: HLTV

Some rooster they didn’t even get the salary promised, and Iceberg Esports is in arrears to pay it for no apparent reason.

This decision also ended Singularity Esports’ journey in the ESEA Mountain Dew League as well Thunderpick Invitational # 2. Regarding Singularity’s interest in the division CS: GO going forward, the team management has not shown their response either.