Siren Moon Reportedly Dismissed Post WSL, Here’s Management Response

Recently, Mobile Legends fans were shocked by the news that Siren Moon will soon disband after the WSL, what is the reason? This was confirmed by several players from the Siren Moon team, especially Sigfredaa.

At the Sigfredaa Instagram live session, he said, “Yes, one player has an effect on us, and there is no siren moon to change teams, yeah, change teams, “Said Sigfreda on the question raised.

Source: Instagram @emak_moba

Then besides sigfreda, Elle “MOMOBAMI‚ÄúSiren Moon’s team captain said that they will continue to participate in WSL Season 2 until it’s finished.

Definitely statement provided by some of these players is increasingly supported by an elle Instagram story that requires Sidelaner pure fighter players.

siren moon wsl
Source: Elle’s Instagram Story

On post-an @emak_moba Elle commented that what is happening now has a huge impact, especially Elle’s own work and also has an impact on important parties.

siren moon wsl
Elle’s explanation of the repercussions of the problems facing Siren Moon

“You don’t understand how blasphemy feels even though you don’t do it, let alone blasphemy about immorality, our family (who didn’t get it) was sad too, I just took care of it and I don’t want to add drama, thanks guys,” explained Elle in the comments.

Siren Esports Response to Siren Moon’s Statement

siren moon wsl
Source: RevivaLTV

After this was circulated, the RevivaLTV team immediately contacted Siren Esports to respond to the news circulating.

Siren Esports also responded to this quickly and said that statement Siren Moon’s players couldn’t be justified.

“For that statement, while not from us (Siren Esports management), we can’t confirm what our players said,” said Siren Esports to RevivaLTV

So, RevivaL friends, let’s just wait if Siren Moon will really disband or just change its name to its newest roster.

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Editor: Yubian Asfar