Skin Ferocious Flaming Wolf Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire is a game with the battle royale genre with the largest number of players to date. As the best game, FF certainly provides the best game performance. One way to maximize the game is by presenting a weapon skin that functions not only to beautify the appearance of the weapon but also to improve the performance of the weapon. This time, esports, I will provide information about the Gun Skin Box Flaming Wolf.

Weapons in Free Fire have different stat points. Choosing a weapon must be adapted to the character and what role is being played. Besides that FF also presents weapon skins. With the FF match weapon skin it becomes even more attractive with its new look.

Weapon skins are also able to maximize weapon performance. Now at this point we have to consider which skin we want to choose by looking at the stats point of the weapon skin. Maybe we are looking at the big improvement of these weapon skins even though it could be that the skin actually reduces another important point on the weapon.

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Next, I will provide information about the Flaming Wolf weapon skin which has a good stat point increase and is suitable for use for every weapon.

Gun Skin Box Flaming Wolf

Gun Skin Box Flaming Wolf is available for 4 weapons, namely M4A1, SPAS12, SKS, MP40. You can use ferocious skins so that your weapons will get sicker and also more invincible later.


The first thing that will be discussed is the appearance provided by this skin. As the name suggests, this skin carries a fire wolf theme but cannot be interpreted literally as a real fire wolf. But we can interpret it as a wolf that lives wild and its surroundings are filled with burning fire.

The appearance of this skin has a red and black color combination. The red color on this skin, of course, describes a state full of fire. This is further strengthened because red is the background color of this skin. The black color depicts a wild wolf with a gaping appearance. What makes this wolf look even more creepy is the bright red color in its eyes.


In terms of performance, as mentioned earlier, this skin has a good performance and is suitable for use by any weapon. Indeed, this skin does not increase by two points, but what this skin does improve is the important things in weapons.

This fire wolf skin increases the damage and accuracy of the weapon. Of course this is very useful for every weapon, huh. With great damage and high accuracy, it will certainly make gun shots right on target and very deadly. What is even more special is that this skin does not reduce any points from weapons.

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That’s the Flaming Wolf weapon skin which has an attractive appearance and also a good weapon performance to be used by any weapon. Collect these great skins and become a fierce wolf ready to burn the FF match. Thank you and booyah!