SKS PUBG Mobile, the strongest DMR for melee

There is a PUBG Mobile SKS Weapon, the Strongest DMR for Close Range and very interesting. This DMR weapon is in the middle of AR and Sniper, making this weapon very suitable in medium range and lethal at close range. If you can use this weapon at close range, SKS is the strongest rifle.

If you are looking for a weapon with high damage, decent RoF, and high weapon accuracy, SKS is the answer. In long distance, SKS is not very effective when compared to other bolt action rifles such as the KAR98 and M24.

Being deadly at close range and being strong enough at mid-range doesn’t mean that SKS doesn’t have a negative factor. There are not many bullets carried by SKS PUBG Mobile, with standard maga containing 10 and 20 if using extended, SKS users cannot shoot randomly if they don’t want to rush when reloading.

SKS PUBG Mobile, the strongest DMR for melee

With the SKS weapon PUBG Mobile damage and high range, SKS is very strong at medium range, but if you are able to carry this weapon at close range, less than 5 bullets you can kill people.

But having a high enough recoil makes this weapon less suitable for long distances, unless you are able to control the kicks of this weapon.

With quite a few bullets, PUBG Mobile users must be extra careful.

PUBG Mobile SKS Suitable Attachments

By using 8x scope, you can get the best zoom for medium range SKS PUBG Mobile weapons even though it will be detrimental if you meet enemies at close range.

But with 8x scope, you can lower the zoom to 4x which I think is enough. I personally prefer to use 3x scope when using SKS, but that comes back to your playing style.

Compensators are needed to control PUBG Mobile recoil. KS has a very strong recoil and a compensator is there to help players.

The vertical foregrip and cheekpad will also aid in recoild and weapon shakes, which means that with full attachments, they will have minimum recoil and less kick.



  • Damage / bullets are very painful. SKS has painful bullet damage, making this weapon perfect for aggressive single fires. The low dropoff damage also means this weapon can be used over a wide range.
  • Complete slot attachments. SKS which has a complete attachment slot really helps players get the maximum potential of this weapon.


  • SKS weapons PUBG Mobile High recoil and low bullets will make you have to ask to manage resources. If you shoot carelessly using this weapon, you will quickly run out of bullets
  • Set your distance in battle. Depending on what scope you use, SKS actually matches all distances.


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