Solo Rank Mobile Legends will be pampered with ML Star Protection!

Mobile Legends is one of the most popular MOBA games today. This game has various interesting things for you to get. One of them is Moonton pampering its players with various systems presented such as Star Protection which gives you protection if you lose when you go solo when Ranking in Mobile Legends.

Star Protection is one of the features in which if you lose while playing you will not experience a decrease in rank or points. This feature is very helpful, especially for those of you who are solo players who are not sure to win or lose. For this the Star Protection feature will be very useful for you to use.

On this occasion, Esportsku will inform Mobile Legends players about the presence of an event that will give you a Star Protection in Mobile Legends. So for those of you who are curious about how to get and how long Star Protection can be active. Check out the full review below.

Star Protection Mobile Legends

When you play solo rank, you will definitely get a random team or enemy. This allows inconsistent wins and if you don’t find a good partner. You might get a lot of defeats in Mobile Legends. Therefore, the presence of Star Protection will really help you, especially solo players in Mobile Legends.

On the Solo Star Protection Event page, you will get as many as three star protection opportunities when playing this. The way to get Star Protection is quite easy. You only need to play at the specified time.

The presence of Star Protection allows your rank to be maintained due to successive defeats. So, you can get Star Protection itself just by playing on December 26/27, 2020. This event will end on December 28 tomorrow.

Therefore, you better play from now on. The reason is, the validity period for self-protection is only one day. And you need to remember that Star Protection itself will automatically protect your stars when you lose. And will continue to be active on three defeats when you play.

So, let’s play rank from now on. To complete three games it only takes one or two hours of play. If you keep winning, Star Protection won’t work, so lose every now and then when this event takes place.

Now that’s all for an explanation of star protection which is suitable for those of you who are solo players in Mobile Legends. With an uncertain victory. Of course the event that is presented even if it’s only for one day can help when you are ranked in Mobile Legends. Don’t forget to keep visiting my Esports page for the latest and interesting information about the Mobile Legends game every day! See you!