SoNNeikO Leave the Team, Kicked by Ninjas in Pajamas?

Towards the end of last April, Ninjas in Pajamas decided to disband rooster them and brought in players from the Chicken Fighters team, which at that time was filled with a variety of new and senior players in the realm Dota 2.

Call it Adrian “Era” Kryeziu and Akbar “SoNNeikO” Butaev, both players have a long history on the Dota 2 professional stage with SoNNeikO having experienced playing under the legendary Natus Vincere organization twice in 2015 to 2016 and 2017 to 2020.

SoNNeikO in a Natus Vincere uniform (source: Kincir)

Since Chicken Fighters joined under the name Ninjas in Pajamas, rooster which is led by SoNNeikO did not play until 5 matches before finally losing the leader.

Not long ago, SoNNeikO announced via his personal Twitter account that he had left Ninjas in Pajamas, but there was one thing that was odd, SoNNeikO did not provide an explanation of the reason behind the leader’s departure from leaving its members.

The problem became even more confusing when there was no news from the Ninjas in Pajamas regarding this matter, there was no upload on their Twitter account regarding the reason for SoNNeikO’s departure from the team both photos and words.

Diving a little further it was revealed that some time ago there was an issue that SoNNeikO would be replaced by another player who has not been named.

One of caster namely Kyle Freedman who also commented on SoNNeikO’s exit from Ninjas in Pajamas, he only told the team publicly that this move was a very bad move without further information about the reasons behind the player’s departure.

Kyle’s statement raised a lot of speculation that SoNNeikO was actually kicked out of the team, this statement at the same time reinforcing the issue that had circulated some time ago.

With the release of SoNNeikO, the Ninjas in Pajamas team only had 4 players consisting of Charilie ‘CharlieDota‘Arat, Ondřej’Supream‘Štarha, Jonáš’SabeRLight‘Volek, and Adrian’Era‘Kryeziu. At the time this article was written there was no further explanation as to why SoNNeikO left the team or who was his successor in Ninjas in Pajamas.

Ex rooster The Chicken Fighters who play under the banner of Ninjas in Pajamas are not scheduled to play in any tournaments, so it’s news stand-in nor a replacement for SoNNeikO may take a little longer.