Southeast Asia Cyber ​​Arena Officially Over, Here Are The Winners!

South East Asia Cyber ​​Arena or EVERYTHING has officially completed the event. For three days, this tournament presented battles not only between Indonesian teams, but also foreign teams who participated in the festivities.

The tournament, which is competing for a total prize pool of IDR 1.4 billion, will hold five branches, namely Dota 2, Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor, PUBG, and Point Blank.

Here’s a list of winners from SEACA and the prizes they got:

Dota 2

Source: UniPin eSports

Champion number 1: Tigers (IDR 200 million)
Runner up: PG.BarracX (IDR 100 million)
3rd place: ALPHA Red (IDR 60 million)
4th place: Resurgence (IDR 40 million)

Mobile Legends

Champion number 1: Bren Esports (IDR 200 million)
Runner up: ONIC NV (IDR 100 million)
3rd place (joint champion): BOOM ID and Louvre (IDR 60 million) + (IDR 40 million)

Arena of Valor

Champion number 1: Brother e-Sports (IDR 50 million)
Runner up: Dunia Games (IDR 25 million)
3rd place: ELITE8 eSports (IDR 15 million)
4th place: TEAMnxl> (IDR 10 million)

Point Blank

Champion number 1: Capcorn Team (IDR 50 million)
Runner up: Rex Regum Qeon (IDR 25 million)
3rd place: ELITE8 DV (IDR 15 million)
4th place: Bigetron Raftel ID320 (IDR 10 million)

Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds

Champion number 1: Ghost Alliance PIF (IDR 50 million)
Runner up: VICTIM RISE (IDR 25 million)
3rd place: Rex Regum Qeon (IDR 15 million)
4th place: Aura Esports (IDR 10 million)

Not only the final match, the closing of SEACA was also enlivened by RAN, one of the well-known bands in Indonesia. In addition, the closing was also attended by Rudiantara as the Minister of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia.

If you look at the SEACA winners list, there are several interesting things. From Mobile Legends for example, even though it was won by Bren Esports who also won the MSC 2018, but won second place instead ONIC NV. Interestingly they only formed about 1 month ago. Here are the players from ONIC NV.

Source: Onic Esports
  • Firm “Psychoo“Saputra
  • Muhammad “Udil“Julian Ardiansyah
  • James “James
  • Mohamed “Sylvie“Norazlan Shah
  • Ben “SaSa”

ONIC NV has various achievements such as winning second place in Online Tournament Season 1 and becoming champion open qualifier Level Up! by RevivaL TV.

Vivian as the manager of ONIC NV, admitted that he was happy with the achievement of his team. “From a month ago there was no name, now at least it is better known thanks to our achievements at SEACA,” he said.

Defeat from Bren Esports also be a valuable lesson for his team. “The most important thing is to remind that we’re not there yet. You have to practice more, develop the same strategy heropool, “ he said.

Source: Team Capcorn

Not only Mobile Legends, Point Blank also recorded a surprising result where the Capcorn Team managed to become the champion and beat Rex Regum Qeon who is also the 2018 PBNC champion.

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Pradipta “RFWi“Landry who is also one of the Capcorn Team players Point Blank admitted that these results were achieved thanks to their hard work during training. “Last week, we lost with RRQ at IPWC and we corrected everything in order to win SEACA.

Source: Zakucj

Alhamdulilah, we can also win SEACA because of the blessing of Allah SWT. For future targets we focus on IESPL and PB events the next, like PBNC / PBGC, “he said.

Congratulations to all winners, I hope this result can make the teams not complacent quickly. Plus, for Dota 2 and Mobile Legends achieved by a team outside of Indonesia, so that it can be an evaluation for the Indonesian esports team to continue to improve in facing the upcoming tournament.

Edited by Yubian A. Huda