Spectator’s New Look Leaks When Drafting Hero!

For Dota 2 players, changes to the UI appearance on Dota 2 are common, starting with the UI menu changes, then the in-game menu changes, and there are also item and hero improvements.

Valve recently revealed that there will be changes in the spectator’s appearance during the hero draft. Now when the heroes enter the arena, they will appear with their own animation style. On the back of the hero, Dire and Radiant will see each team’s tower and ancient, and after the hero is picked, the skin of the hero will change with the skin of the player who uses it.

just go ahead and see the video for more details released by wykrhmreddy.

The reason for this spectator draft update seems to be in preparation for TI7 which is not long in the future.

How do you respond to the upcoming spectator UI changes?