[Spesial HUT 73 Republik Indonesia] Various Achievements of Local Esports Athletes in the World!

Before going any further, Mimin RevivalTV wishes you a happy 73rd birthday to our beloved country, Indonesia. Of course, it’s incomplete if you don’t see the ranks of Indonesian esports athletes who have and have brought Indonesia’s name to the international esports event.


This article is solely to appreciate the efforts and efforts that have been shown by esports athletes from Indonesia. Of course they have the right to be better known by at least local esports activists, that Indonesia is not only about Dota 2 or Mobile Legends.

Let’s take a look at the special full review from the RevivalTV team about the achievements of Indonesian esports athletes on the world stage.

Arena of Valor

EVOS Esports by representing Indonesia at AWC 2018. Source: Garena

Who doesn’t know MOBA games mobile made by Tencent and Garena? Becoming one of the games that can embrace various regions around the world, including Indonesia.

In this game, one of Indonesia’s representatives, EVOS Esports successfully sent its representatives to the grand event Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC) 2018. Even though they had to be eliminated in the group stage, this Indonesian representative gave their best.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Recca Esports wins ZEN League Network. Source: ESL

One of the oldest FPS esports games to have launched since Counter Strike 1.6. But what about esports athletes in the realm CS: GO? Indonesia itself has sent many representatives to the world level competitive arena.

Recca Esports is one example, where they successfully won the Australian ZEN League. other than that Recca Esports also consistently represents Indonesia at the 2017 WESG event.

TEAMnxl> won the BenQ CS: GO Asia Cup. Source: BenQ

And there are many more teams that have made Indonesia proud in the realm of world esports, such as Akara at ROG Masters. There are also TEAMnxl> which made Indonesia proud in its golden era.

other than that BnTeT and also xccurate, two Indonesian players are also strengthening the team from China, namely TyLoo. They continue to play in the realm of esports CS: GO international level.

Dota 2

BOOM ID is the 2nd winner in the APAC Acer Predator League. Source: Acer

The MOBA PC game that is most in demand in Indonesia, it also has its own representative in the realm of world esports.

Maybe you are tired of hearing inYourDream? Relax, BOOM.ID also has a myriad of stories to make Indonesia proud. But it takes a long enough article to tell it in detail.

Then, TNC Tigers also brought 2 players from Indonesia, inYourdreaM and also Xepher. Even though IYD’s status is still on trial from its original team, The Prim Esports, TNC Tigers is able to perform optimally until it almost qualifies for the TI8 event if it doesn’t lose to TNC Predator.

PG.BarracX at the 2017 New Blood Championships.

The figure of KoaLa also brought the name of Indonesia when strengthening Fnatic. There was also PG. CarracX’s participation in the Galaxy Battles II in the Philippines at the end of 2017.

League of Legends

Armored Project representative of Indonesia at HyperPlay. Source: Hyperplay

This game made by Riot Games and Garena also has several teams that make Indonesia proud. At least the latest from the Armored Project team that officially participated in HyperPlay in Singapore.

Bigetron Esports participates in Global Conqueror Manila. Source: Riot Games

Bigetron Esports also makes Indonesia proud when it will take part in the 2018 Global Conqueror Manila in the Philippines. Hopefully Indonesia can develop more, okay? LoL also exciting.


Don’t miss any of the players FIFA18, Egy “Eggsy_UG“Rahmaditya, who now plays under the banner of Rex Regum Qeon. He excelled in winning the 2018 FIFA18 PlayStation League Asia.

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Relax, there are many more talented players FIFA18 from Indonesia. As Andie Wong from EVOS Esports as well Angga Pamungkas from The Prime Esports who just won the BSC Esports League tournament in Singapore.

Source: The Prime Esports fanpage

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)

Batara Riasta (center) and Lucky Ma’arif (two from right).

In the competitive realm PES also Indonesia is able to compete at the world level. Call it two players from Indonesia Batara Riasta and Lucky Ma’arif which made Indonesia proud in the PES League Asia in Bangkok Thailand.

After their success in position runner-up, these two players have been invited to WESG 2018. They are ready to be the best and fight for the name of Indonesia.


Nexok40 at WESG 2017. Source: WESG

Indonesia also has representatives from this TCG game made by Blizzard Entertainment. Call it a retainer from BOOM.ID, nexok40 who represented Indonesia at the 2017 WESG event.


In addition, Indonesia also played in the Hearthstone Global Games (HGG) event with esports athletes such as Joth703 from TEAMnxl>, and also DouAhou.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Lemon from Rex Regum Qeon. Source: eGG Network

One of the most played mobile MOBA games in Indonesia as well as Southeast Asia is not left behind in providing representatives from Indonesia.

With the title Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2018, Indonesian representatives also competed. Call it EVOS Esports, Rex Regum Qeon.O2, and also Aerowolf.Roxy.

LJ Aerowolf Roxy. Documentation: MSC 2018

Even though they haven’t won, their ability until the playoffs should be proud to see opponents who are not easy.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Aerowolf.ADS Team at CPL 2018. Source: Aerowolf

Game made by PUBG Corp. This South Korean origin has also captured the attention of many people around the world. Even the game that is being debated regarding its status as esports is still developing.

Left to right: RDK, superNaryr,

But the latest news came from Aerowolf.ADS who officially got it direct invite to the Hong Kong PUBG World Invitational 2018 event. They will compete against famous esports teams such as Cloud9, TSM, and Team Liquid.

Rainbow Six Siege

Aerowolf.Scrypt in Sydney for the APAC Pro League. Source: Aerowolf

There is still another FPS game that focuses on the special skills of each character. With a header Rainbow Six Siege, this game made by Ubisoft has succeeded in generating interest from one of the Indonesian teams.

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They are Aerowolf.Scrypt who has played at the Southeast Asian level. Their most recent trip was to play in the ESL Pro League APAC Season 7 at ESL Studio, Sydney, Australia. Even though they have not been able to win, they have succeeded in bringing the name of Indonesia to the international arena.

Tekken 7

Meat (left) and R-Tech (right). Source: eGG Network

There were also representatives from Indonesia at the event Tekken7 world level. However they are less audible players than the other games.

They both are Meat and R-Tech who had brought the name Indonesia to ABUGET Cup 2017. It is time for you to get to know two expert figures Tekken7 from Indonesia, and of course the appreciation should be given to them.

King of Fighters

KentutBerdahak (left) at KoF XIV.

Arcade games apart Tekken7 it also has representatives from Indonesia. With the name Bayu Indra Sakti or nickname Uniquely, KentutBerdahak also makes Indonesia proud.


One of his most recent achievements was the third winner at the King of Fighters XIV event in Bangkok, Thailand. Continued enthusiasm for Mas Bayu in his esports career.

Point Blank

PG.VGN team in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Source: Instagram PG

This game that fills all internet cafes in Indonesia also has a champion figure who makes Indonesia proud in the realm of international esports. They are PG.Vengeance who won PBGC 2018 in Medan, Indonesia.

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Acquired by Pondok Gaming management, the Vengeance team brought Indonesia’s name to the international arena, PBIC 2018 in Brazil. Although not yet able to perform optimally, tRust and friends are more than enough to win support from Indonesia.

Rex Regum Qeon won PBIC 2017.

In the previous year, Rex Regum Qeon also won the PBIC event. Represented Indonesia and succeeded in becoming the first in a world level event Point Blank the.


Elite8 Esports at Vainglory Worlds 2017. Source: Seconds

It’s incomplete if you don’t report the expertise of Indonesian esports athletes in the competitive realm Vainglory. Of course there have been achievements made, even more so from the Elite8 Esports team who have consistently worked on it Vainglory.

Officialhein raises the Indonesian flag at the Kallang Theater, Singapore. Source: SEMC

The team driven by officialhein this had brought the name of Indonesia at the Vainglory Worlds 2017 event at the Kallang Theater, Singapore. Even though their performance is not satisfactory, they are still a source of pride for esports activists Vainglory from Indonesia.

Actually there are many more representatives of Indonesia in the competitive world of esports. But without seeing who the esports athletes above are, of course we as esports activists in Indonesia must continue to support them regarding the differences in games that exist.

Indonesian contingent at the 2018 Asian Games exhibition. Source: Esports.id

Previously, RevivalTV also apologized if there were names not listed, but our love for Indonesia remained the same. Indonesian esports athletes are also ready to compete in the esports exhibition match at the 2018 Asian Games. #AyoIndonesia