Spin Incubator FF Golden Clown Discount 50%, Hurry Up Spin!

Spin Incubator Free Fire (FF) Golden Clown will get a discount of 30 diamonds later, let’s save the date!

We know that the players Free Fire (FF) always have the desire to have all the cool bundles in Spin Royale, because the bundles really attract attention.

One of them that is currently running is the Incubator Golden Clown which is very cool, unfortunately you have to keep spinning until you get the main prize.

What’s more, every round, the price of diamonds will go up higher, making it even more difficult for us to get them. But Garena will not disappoint us because there will be a very interesting promo!

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Spin Incubator Golden Clown Discount Promo!

This Golden Clown Bundle will get a promo 50% discount for every first Spin every day, so the costs you spend are not much. This promo is only valid for 1 week starting February 17-23, 2021.

Take it easy, on February 23rd the promo is still running, so you can get a chance to have this Bundle.

Source: booyah.co.id

Don’t forget for those of you who have an Incubator Voucher, you can use it to do 1x Spin, which means you can do even more spins, you know!

According to Booyah.co.id, here is a list of prizes that you can get:

  • Evolution Stone
  • Blueprint: Golden
  • Jack-In-The-Box
  • Bonfire Playcard (3 Days)
  • Playcard Bounty Token (3 Days)
  • Playcard Scanner (3 Days)
  • Treasure Map Playcard (3 Days)
  • Diamond Voucher
  • Weapon Royale Voucher
  • Voucher Incubator

You can exchange Evolution Stone and Blueprint: Golden with the following bundles:

  • 8 Evolution Stone + 3 Blueprint: Golden: Golden Clown
  • 8 Evolution Stone + 3 Blueprint: Golden: Golden Jester
  • 5 Evolution Stone + 2 Blueprint: Golden: Midnight Clown
  • 5 Evolution Stone + 2 Blueprint: Golden: Black Jester
  • 2 Evolution Stone + 1 Blueprint: Golden: Aristoclown
  • 2 Evolution Stone + 1 Blueprint: Golden: Royal Jester

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So, don’t let you miss this promo event, the thing is, you will definitely feel a loss for missing the discount!

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