Steal Attention, Send Home Team Secret and Alliance at ESL One LA Online

ESL One Los Angeles is a major event that changes to an online format when the corona pandemic strikes. Suddenly, several teams had to return to their home countries after the sudden announcement.

To answer this, ESL as the organizer created an online format to adhere to its agenda in the 2020 tournament plan. However, in this format several teams had to take part in the qualification and playoff phases of a combination of several regions.

The excitement is taking place at the regional CIS and European matches with a few surprises in store. How could I not,, who was less than favored at the start of the event, became a frightening specter for big teams.

Source: WePlay!

Recently Team Secret, Alliance and Chicken Fighters have successfully felt the pain of losing at ESL One Los Angeles Online when they met

This one team consists of players who are not widely known and of course popularity does not stop them from continuing to fight. In this match they were able to beat Puppey and his friends with a surprising result, which was 2-0 without reply.

The game from Miroslav “BOOM“Bican in the midlane successfully brought a stunning performance with a score of 13/2/19. Line-up the hero shown has also proven effective in counteracting Team Secret’s Nature Prophet-Dark Seer combination. This is because the core trio from, namely Specter, Snapfire, and QoP, is strong in every line of competition.

The victory in the first match made BOOM plan to use QoP again. But a surprising thing happened when Team Secret did not ban the hero who troubled him in the previous series.

Source: ESL

This result made QoP appear dominant in BOOM’s hands and gains team-wipe twice in a span of 20 minutes made it even easier for to win at ESL One LA Online.

This victory was apparently not just luck, because succeeded in continuing the positive trend after defeating Alliance and Chicken Fighters who defeated Team Nigma.

These results make optimistic in the Playoff round and ready to meet OG who also lost against The polar bear team from CIS became the first team to establish a position in the main round, the Grand Final.

Will continue the positive trend during the ESL One Los Angeles Online event? Let’s see the progress of BOOM and friends in the next match.