Successfully Defeating WG.Unity, EVOS Getting Closer to Manila Masters

The SEA Qualifying Round – Manila Masters just started yesterday, and the results were surprising especially for Team EVOS.

Not playing yesterday’s performance from EVOS, they managed to beat one of the giant SEA teams, WG.Unity. EVOS managed to win with a score of 2-1, and the victory they got was through an extraordinary comeback.


With this victory, EVOS managed to advance to the semifinals of the upper bracket, they only needed 2 more wins to get the Grand Final – SEA Qualifier slot.


Meanwhile, although Rex Regum Qeon managed to get through the first round quite smoothly, the next match they had to fight a super strong team, Team Faceless. RRQ held Faceless in the second game but still lost thanks to Iceiceice’s good performance at the end of the game.


Be it EVOS and Rex Regum Qeon, both of them will continue their struggle today, along with the schedule:

  • 17:00 WIB – Rex Regum Qeon vs 458 Production – BO3
  • 20:00 WIB – EVOS esports vs WG.Youth – BO3

Look forward to the match on RevivaL TV’s Youtube livestream, keep enthusiastically supporting Team Indonesia guys (y)