Successfully Entering the Playoffs, Na’Vi’s First Opponent is Virtus Pro

The Groupstage stage of the CIS Main Qualifier has ended, and for Na’Vi it’s been quite a struggle. Na’Vi managed to get the playoffs slot after their points almost knocked them out of the groupstage round. Na’Vi also depends on the results of matches from other teams, and the result is that Na’Vi gets a tiebreaker and after successfully winning that match, the Playoffs slot is in the hands.

Entering the playoffs means that there is a change in format from Best of 1 to Best of 3. Either you can call it less fortunate than Na’Vi because the first match of their playoffs directly faced Virtus Pro, where VP was said to be on fire seeing the results of Groupstage. they are 9-0.

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This will definitely be a pretty tough match for Na’Vi. They will fight Virtus Pro today at 17:00 WIB. Linkstream youtube gaming, Happy Watching Guys ?