Super Smash Bros. Athlete Successfully Wins 2019 Esports Hall of Fame

The Esports Hall of Fame is an award given to players from all esports branches around the world, apart from having an internally selected champion category.

The Esports Hall of Fame also has a champion category chosen by the community where they will select players who feel they deserve the title as the best esports athlete that year.

This year we have champions from the competitive gaming scene fighting Nintendo, Super Smash Bros. The player who is the best athlete chosen by the community in 2019 is Adam “Fleet ‘”Lindgren, this victory is the fruit of the hard work of the young Swedish born in 1993 who has won various prestigious achievements during his career.

Some of them are the two-time EVO champion in 2015 and 2017, 3 consecutive champion Genesis, 2 consecutive Smash Summit Champion, then there are also Smash N Splash 4, CEO 2014, and Super Smash Con 2018 titles.

Apart from the winners that the authors listed above, Armada also received the title as one of the 5 “gods of Smash Bros.” Before finally retiring for the second time but finally returning to compete in Ultimate Smash.

Quoted from Dexerto, Fleet’s way of play is not exactly conventional, he often uses the character Peach who is quite underestimated Smash Bros. Melee. Then Armada is also famous for being great at playing Fox and Young Link, he even uses the two characters against Juan’s Jigglypuff “Hungrybox“Debiedma.

esports hall of fame 2019
source: Smash Europe

2019 is the second year in which the best player category selected by the community is run, last year we got the demon king from South Korea Lee “Faker“Sang-hyeok as a player who decorated the Esports Hall of Fame. Who do you think will fill the place in 2020, huh?

Editor: Yubian Asfar