SuperData: Esports Entering the Professionalization Period

Esports and competitive gaming have entered a new stage of growth, according to market analyst Superdata. The industry is no longer dominated by small organizations or teams. Many brands, advertisers and networks are increasingly interested in investing.

“The esports industry is entering a period of professionalization,” said the report. “One of them, by providing transparency to the team and sponsors”

In addition, esports is experiencing rapid growth in revenue thanks to investments from well-known Asian brands namely Alibaba and Tencent. Esports in Asia was the market with the highest value at $ 328 million this year, while North America came in second with a value of $ 269 million.

A lot of money comes directly from brands and advertisers, but consumer income has also grown rapidly this year. Such as tickets, merchandise, and prize pools increased by 36 percent.

In addition, the report also said that the esports audience was 85 percent male with an average age between 18-25 years. Fans no longer have to bother looking for streaming channels to be able to watch their favorite games, TV media channels such as TBS and ESPN have recently started broadcasting esports matches.