Surprise at PBNC 2016 (Part 1)

Hello Revival buddy!

Many surprises have happened at PBNC this year. One of the favorites to win, Endeavour389, had to go home early.

They had to compete from the low bracket against PECI_OVGODS because they finished in 2nd place in Group D. With a 70% -30% presentation for Endeavor’s victory, unexpectedly they had to go home early after being defeated by PECI on the Sandstorm map.

The PECI OVGODS team from Solo

The surprise happened again, EPIC186 had to admit the ferocity of the team from Surabaya, N1CS Kamikaze. EPIC186 must bury its dream deeply to represent Indonesia in the 2016 PBIC event.GF vs N1CS

In the final, N1CS Kamikaze will meet again with Team Guardian Force. The final dream of the Troopers, of course, because if these two teams meet, it always provides an interesting spectacle because they are the 2 big teams in Indonesia. There are always surprises that occur and it is not at all predictable who will win the match between these two teams.

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