Swag Will Be A Stand-In For MIBR at Lisbon’s BLAST Pro Series

Team CS: GO famous Brazilian origin, MIBR has officially announced the player who will replace Fernando “fer“Alvarenga for the upcoming BLAST Bro Series Lisbon.

The former iBUYPOWER player will play under the MiBR flag for a while. Source: HLTV

That person is Braxton. “swag“Pierce. He will replace Fernando “fer“Alvarenga, who will undergo surgery related to his ear problem.

In addition, this announcement came one day after Ricardo “boltz“Prass is declared free from the Immortals / MIBR contract.

He had been one of the candidates who would replace Fer, but fate said differently.

At a glance, swag, he is a player born in 1996 who has been in the professional realm since 2012.

However because of the case matchfixing involving him in 2015, he was given a ban from following event official Valve for a lifetime.

Not only Swag, but 6 other players, including big names like Joshua “steel“Nissan, Keven”AZK“Larivière, and Sam”DaZeD“Marine.


Until now, there are only 2 players who are still playing professionally, namely swag and steel. Steel himself currently plays on the American team called Ghost Gaming.

Luckily, in recent years, players who have been blocked by this case have been allowed to participate in tournaments non-official such as ESL, DreamHack, ELEAGUE, and ECS.

Because of this, Swag and his friends want to try their luck back in the professional realm CS: GO.

Swag togetherness with the Swole Patrol team at EPICENTER 2018. Source: HLTV

The last achievement that swag has achieved is getting a position runner-up at the WESG 2018 America Finals. Previously, he also made it to the 2018 EPICENTER event with Swole Patrol.

Even though they immediately lost without resistance, this has become a lesson after Swag has never set foot on the international stage for a long time.

“This will be a great opportunity for me. I’m looking forward to playing alongside legendary names.

Source: MIBR

I think it will be a good experience, playing on stage is something I miss.

I am very excited, and I will do all I can to prepare and try to win some wins for MIBR, ”he said in the MI BR statement video.

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Let’s hope that the arrival of Swag to this team can bring victory at the BLAST Pro Series Lisbon event. Of course it would be horrendous if Swag could return to its heyday in 2014.

With this, the MIBR roster at the BLAST Pro Series Lisbon tournament is as follows:

  • Gabriel “FalleN“Toledo
  • Marcelo “coldzeraDavid
  • Jake “Stewie2K“Yip
  • Pull “Pull“Celik
  • Braxton “swagPierce (stand-in)
swag standin mibr
Source: HLTV

Edited by Yubian A. Huda