Take a peek at the excitement of the E + SPORTS KICKOFF Talk Show with Team Egy and Team Flash

After announcing the presence of one of the soccer players from Indonesia, Egy Maulana Vikri and Witan Sulaiman.

It seems that the esports realm was also surprised by the presence of Team Flash consisting of Amraan Ghani and Joseph Yao from Singapore.

esports revivaltv kickoff
Source: RevivalTV

They met in one talkshow the result of a collaboration from Singapore’s esports agency, Reddentes Esports and Indonesian esports media and production company, RevivalTV.

The excitement presented at the event also includes various things, including the intrigue and the journey of each guest star with their profession. So, what was the excitement that was present at the event? Let’s see, check it!

Career Journeys in General Sports and Esports

The E + SPORTS KICKOFF event which took place at the RevivalTV Studio in the Kemanggisan area, Central Jakarta apparently opened the secrets of the guest stars.

Two U-19 Indonesian national team players, Egy and Witan, also answered the questions, one of which was about career.

Source: RevivalTV

They say that a career as a professional footballer has been initiated since he was young.

With the support of their parents, they joined the SSB (Football School) and experienced various kinds of training until they passed the selection.

Both of them also did not deny that parental support and luck factors have played a part until now.

Source: RevivalTV

Then after the two players from Indonesia, it was the turn of the two players FIFA Online from Team Flash from Singapore. Yup, Amraan and Joseph also shared their stories to become professional players.

esports kickoff egy maulana vikri
Source: RevivalTV

Joseph apparently did not get the support of his parents regarding his achievement by winning FIFA Online Asia level. Unlike Joseph, Amraan actually received support, even before he became a professional player.

Both of them have been playing soccer games for a long time, but have only been pioneering for the last two to three years.

Performing Competitive Game Playing Ability


Yup, according to the theme gamers, they were both invited to play a game that is currently popular with teenagers, namely FIFA.

With the latest game series, FIFA19 presents mode 4 controller consisting of Team Egy with Witan and Team Flash with Amraan and Zarate.

Source: RevivalTV

Juventus was the team chosen by Team Egy, while Team Flash chose Liverpool. In the early match, Team Flash managed to lead with a score of 1-0.

But in the end Team Egy was able to give retaliation by equalizing the score, 1-1. Until the end of the age match, Team Egy was successful comeback with a score of 2-1.

EVOS Esports Successfully Topped the All-Gamers PUBGM Tournament!

Apart from the two teams above, FIFA player from RRQ, Eggsy, the FIFA18 PlayStation League (FPL) champion, also showed off his skills.

The player against Joseph Zarate Yao is in one-on-one mode, but who would have thought the match went so fiercely that he headed to the penalty shootout round.

Mobile Legends

After being successful in games that are thick with their respective professions, Egy is again challenged to play one of the games that are currently popular with young people, Mobile Legends.

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The event also brought Brandon as a professional player Mobile Legends. With the help of two caster dream and sang host, Volva, KB and Corned. These five players against the Netizen team.

Source “RevivalTV

Indeed, the spicy mouths of netizens must be defeated with achievements huh, wow. But it is true that Team Egy was able to beat the Netizen team with a one-blank win. Egy who wore Hanabi was able to perform brilliantly with Brandon.

This victory also concludes the excitement of the E + SPORTS KICKOFF program on the YouTube channel RevivalTV.

Match and talkshow This is nothing more in order to strengthen the two sides of sports, namely conventional and electronic sports.

Source: RevivalTV

Amraan and Joseph said they were happy to be able to attend the talkshow which was also broadcast live on TVRI.

Our hope is that the image of sports can be better in the future, regardless of whether it is a conventional or electronic sport.

For those of you who want to watch direct and complete excitement, you can also watch the YouTube video above. Hopefully Indonesia will prosper in all its fields, especially sports. #IndonesiaBisa