Take a peek at the UI changes in Mobile Legends, cool and minimalist! – Update 1.1.94

The Mobile Legends game from time to time always shows their consistency to provide the best for its players. This time through the 1.1.94 update, Mobile Legends made many changes starting from hero balancing, Game System adjustments, Bug fixes and network quality fixes. BUT apart from all that the most interesting thing is the overhaul of the UI (User Interface) which is now with a super appearance swag!, plus a new character named Karrie (Lost Star).

  1. New UI (User Interface) New Look in Mobile Legends

After you update, you will immediately feel a different sensation when you first see the display Home Mobile Legends. Yeah right, look Home Mobile Legends has been completely overhauled with a more minimalist look with interesting effects, the menu tab arrangement is also more concise and clear, and in the middle now has an animated background of Hero Mobile Legends.

Now you will find it easier to find friends to play because of the right side view of the column Friends now has a bigger view and separation between friends who are Online and also Offline.

There is also features new ones that were added at the same time as this UI update, such as Party Invite Block, Block Pop-Up Friend Request and many other features.

Let’s compare it for the last time with the previous UI Mobile Legends, it’s very different, right?

  1. New Hero: Karrie – Lost Star

This update, Mobile Legends also presents a new Hero named Karrie, Karrie is Hero type Marksman which has Attack Speed high enough that will add to the ranks Hero Marksman in Mobile Legends. With Passive Skill and Skills other dangerous, Karrie’s presence will be a new threat on the battlefield Land of Dawn.

  • Skill Passive: Lightweel Mark

Adds Lightweel Mark to enemies each time Basic Attack or Skill. When Lightweel Mark add up to 5 Mark to the target, they will become Lightweel actual, stabs the target and gives 7% -13% True Damage from Max HP, Damage increase by 300 for monsters Jungle.

  • Skill 1: Spinning Lightweel

Let go of Flywheel which stops at the target location, gives 200 Physical Damage along the way and slowing them down 60%, giving 100 Physical Damage to the enemy closest to the target location and slow them down.

Move straight when Flywheel issued near the enemy, giving 150 Damage. Issue 2 Flywheel When Ultimate.

  • Ultimate Skill : Speedy Lightweel

Entering mode Double Lock in 6 seconds, increase Movement Speed and take out 2 Lightweels when using basic attacks and each Basic Attack give 50% Damage.

You can buy this latest hero at a price of 24000 BP or 499 Diamonds.

  1. Speed ​​Mode feature

This is … the most anticipated update. Lately, Mobile Legends players often complain about how often it happens lag while playing, this must be a very unpleasant playing experience because the game becomes unresponsive because of it lag.

Through this update, a new feature is named Speed Mode It has been present to improve the smoothness of play even in the network that is not as good as it can be, thus reducing Lag which usually can interfere with smooth play. Speed ​​Mode you can find this on the menu Option with the emblem Gear at the top right corner.

  1. Re-model Eudora.

This update, Mobile Legends has made a new appearance overhaul for the hero Eudora as well as a visual overhaul of its attack effects, including skills and basic attack. This will be a very interesting change, because this Mage hero is a very dangerous hero with a combination of stun and ultimate lightning.

Intrigued by the changes? just take a look at the following video.

Interesting isn’t the 1.1.94 update that happened in Mobile Legends, which of the series of changes do you think is the most WAH?