Talking with Power Danger, the Ultimo Hombre Surabaya Champion!

Power Danger won the Ultimo Hombre: Axis Pyramid League Surabaya title after defeating TryHard with a score of 16-11 (Cache) and 16-4 (Overpass). This Surabaya-based esports team also brought home Rp. 5,000,000.

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A glimpse of the Power Danger team, they are an esports team based in Surabaya, and have several divisions, such as Point Blank, CS: GO, Mobile Legends, and AoV.

The achievements of the Power Danger team were also quite a lot, such as runner-up at the iGAMERWORLD Community Cup 2017 and the winner of the Hob & Sinergi CS: GO Cup 2016 event.

Because we were curious about Power Danger’s journey to the grand final, the RevivalTV team decided to contact Bayu “byy-igamerworld“Nugroho as the owner and IGL of this team.”

Hello Ko Bayu. Congratulations on the win. Can you tell us about the trip to the finals or not?

“Thank you RevivalTV. For our journey to the final to be smooth enough, we didn’t lose at all.

In the first game, we won because of the opponent walk out (WO). Meanwhile, in the second match we won 16-10 against Novus. And the semi-final was 16-5 against the mixed team from the Surabaya community (Team Uno). “

Team Uno. Source: Special

In the Power Danger roster that played in this event, there were 2 new names. Is it just a stand-in or a permanent one?

“For SA, he is our standard in this Axis tournament because one of our players (Aditya”Hime(Tisha) can’t come.

While Saibanifl1pzjder“Rahmat will play in Power Danger until event The IEG which will take place this week. “

What kind of structure did Power Danger bring to this event? Are the tactics and the game well prepared?

“For teamplay we are just more simple. We don’t use tactics that are too complicated, because we use 1 standin. The fear will turn out to be chaos. So we just come up with simple tactics. “

TryHard. Source: Special

In the first map, when Power Danger had match points, why did you miss so many rounds. What happened?

“Yes, there is an error from us. Because the initial score was a bit far, the children wanted to finish match immediately. But because it is not regular, it makes each round miss 2 to 3 player first.

And finally in round 27, we match the tempo to focus on attack bombsite B, and finally won. “

power danger ultimo hombre
The atmosphere of Ultimo Hombre SBY. Source: Supreme League

According to Ko Bayu, what made the second map so one-sided play?

“In folder second, we play a little bit more aggressively. AWPer We used to kidnap opposing players in the early days. And almost every round, we can kidnap at least 2 TryHard players.

What might make TryHard difficult is that they always have 2-3 players left for defend bombsite. “

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Currently, how strong is the PowD pool map?

If asked about the percentage, maybe 70%. We are quite ready of all folder that goes into active map pool.

What is his opinion about the existence of Ultimo Hombre in Surabaya, especially for CS: GO?

“Very interesting and very enthusiastic. Because honestly, a tournament like Ultimo Hombre is not necessarily held in Surabaya once a year.

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We have always been Surabaya players if we wanted to participate in a tournament of this size, we had to come to Jakarta. If there is in Surabaya events who are routinely in this class, surely the regeneration of the esports team in Surabaya will be even better. “

And to conclude this interview, does Ko Bayu have any messages to convey to PowD fans?

“Hello PowD mania! Thank you for the support. And for you, especially players in the Surabaya area and its surroundings, don’t be shy to join the Power Danger community, to develop esports in East Java. “

Once again, congratulations to Power Danger Esports! Let’s hope that this regional team can compete further with the top teams of Indonesia and Southeast Asia!

The following are the achievements of the three Ultimo Hombre Surabaya 2018 teams:

  1. Power Danger – IDR 5,000,000
  2. TryHard – IDR 3,000,000
  3. Team Uno – IDR 2,000,000
Power Danger
1st and 3rd place at Ultimo Hombre SBY CS: GO. Source: Special

Edited by Yubian A. Huda