Team Empire Announce Their 2018 Roster

As the year changed, several esports teams overhauled their roster for better results. And this time, the DOTA team from Russia, namely Team Empire who announced that they have prepared a roster for 2018.

After Ivan’s discharge “VANSKORSkorohod some time ago, this team clearly needed new players who could fill the void slots. Moreover, the departure of VANSKOR also turned out to be a decision from the manager of this team who thought he could no longer be on the team.

In my opinion, Ivan can’t play at his highest level. He taught me a lot of things and I’m so grateful for that. I hope he can find a team where he can give his potential. Hopefully in 2018, his good performance will make us proud, “Said Dmitriy”Korb3n Belov, manager of DOTA 2 Team Empire.

Instead, is Maxim “Yoky-” Kim will fill the slot. It was surprising because this was not the first time he had defended Team Empire. Previously, this one man defended the Spartak Esports team, which decided to disband the team last November.

Yesterday we saw yoky’s action – where he helped Team Empire secure a slot at one of the LAN events, namely SL i-League Invitational Season 4 which will be held in February 2018 in Shanghai, China.

Alexander “StrangeR Solomonov, the esports director of Team Empire even said, “Maxim is someone who is very talented in the CIS scene. When playing in different positions he always displays his stable performance which proves he is at a high level. He plays with a very responsible job – 4th position. I’m sure not only Maxim can pass this test but he will be the best in his new position. Not to forget, I also hope Ivan will find his new team later where he will give him the highest level. I believe, his best achievements are waiting for him in the future. “

Some facts about yoky- comeback to Team Empire:

  1. yoky- will play for Team Empire in position 4.
  2. This is the role4 which played out during his career. He previously played as a carry, mid and offlane.
  3. This also makes him, which means he has strengthened Team Empire for 4 time.

Current Team Empire Roster: