Team Faceless Disbanded, the Manager confirmed

Good news comes from SEA’s proud team, Faceless. The team, which has been established for almost a year, was confirmed to be disbanded by one of their “insiders”, namely the manager.

The manager, Furryfish, in his stream last night said that from the beginning this team was formed to be friends and only focused on one calendar year DOTA 2 only. That is a sign, if their achievements are not satisfactory, it means that this team is likely to disband. And this is what happened, Team Faceless broke up.

Yeah… when they started, Daryl (iceiceice) already said that it’s just going to be a team of friends, and that the plan is just to go to the one calendar year of Dota… like from Ti to Ti, so it’s not surprising that they’re not together anymore.

Even yesterday, Iceiceice and Jabz became the standin in Mineski which is currently struggling in the WCA 2017 qualifiers.

It is not clear what the future of the former Faceless Team roster will have, because the status of Jabz and Iceiceice, which only became standalone yesterday, was because there was no official announcement from Mineski. However, rumors are circulating that Iceiceice will return to play in the Chinese region.