Team Liquid and Cloud9 Ensure Playoff Slots!

League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) Spring 2019 has entered its seventh week which was held on March 10-11 2019.

Each team competed twice to win a playoff ticket from the LCS Spring 2019 event.

The competition between teams is very tight and each team shows its ambition in the seventh week of LCS Spring 2019., and here are the recap:

1. Match of the Champions: Cloud9 vs Team Liquid

Cloud9 again challenged Team Liquid after in the first week of the LCS Spring 2019 Cloud9 had to submit to Team Liquid.

However, in this seventh week, Cloud9 apparently lost again to Team Liquid, which showed a solid game.

Jake Kevin “Xmithie“Puchero and Nicolaj”Jensen“Jensen played very well in this game and led Team Liquid to victory.

2. Team Liquid and Cloud9 Ensure Playoff Tickets

LCS Spring Split 2019 Week 6
Source: LoL Esports

Team Liquid managed to wipe out two matches with a win in the seventh week of LCS Spring 2019 and managed to get a ticket to the playoffs.

Likewise with Cloud9, even though it only got one win against 100 Thieves, Cloud9 also managed to ensure itself into the playoffs.

Neither Team Liquid and Cloud9 will be knocked out of the competition into the playoffs even though in week eight and week nine they did not win a single game.

3. LCS Spring 2019 Standings Seventh Week

Source: LoL Esports

Looking at this standings, there is no doubt that Team Liquid and Cloud9 have confirmed themselves to qualify for the playoffs.

Which means, there are 4 tickets left to go to the playoffs. The eight teams can still compete for the remaining 4 tickets.

Of course, in the eighth week of the LCS Spring 2019 event, it will be even more exciting and fierce, where each team will definitely play it hard to fight for tickets to the playoffs.

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The next week of LCS Spring 2019 will be held on March 17-18 2019. Keep waiting for the continuation of LCS Spring 2019 from our timeline!

Editor: Yubian Asfar