Team Liquid Babat Runs Out of NRG to Win Supernova CS: GO Malta 2018

The American team Team Liquid has just won the Supernova CS: GO Malta event after defeating NRG in the final round with a score of 16-4 (Overpass) and 16-14 (Inferno).

The team led by Nick “nitr0“This Canella also brought home a total prize money of US $ 80,000 or around 1.1 billion rupiah!

Finally after all this time got a curse runner-up, Liquid managed to bring home a new trophy since cs_summit 2 February 2018.

Liquid is finally able to hold the trophy back after a long period of fasting for the trophy. Source: cssltv

The tournament that Team Liquid won was the result of a collaboration between StarLadder and the Maltese esports organization, Quickfire.

They named it Supernova CS: GO Malta and also this event provided a total prize money of 2.1 billion rupiah up for grabs.

For teams competing, they choose the invitation option for the eight teams that will play. They invited 8 teams from 3 different continents. The following are the eight teams that competed in this event:

Source: Liquidpedia

The tournament, which was held on 29 November-2 December 2018, has been running and in the end, the top 2 teams competed in the final round, namely Liquid and NRG.

These two American teams have beaten a number of well-known names in the realm CS: GO to advance to this final round.

Including TYLOO who had to lose to BIG. This German team also had to lose to Team Liquid with a score that was quite thin.

Map 1 – Overpass

NRG. Source: HLTV

In folder choice of the NRG, they should have had a special secret tactic for moments like this. On the contrary, Liquid looks strong here. By getting the first 3 rounds.

Despite minor odds, they were able to get at least a very dominant score of 12-3 in first half.

Mekspiun NRG managed to get the gun round on second half, Jonathan “EliGE“Jablonowski was quick to react and managed to get 4 kill fast, as well as the 13th point for Liquid.

Besides that, there’s also Keith.NAF“Markovic who managed to hold NRG and steal map point for Liquid, until they finally managed to get 1 point ahead of NRG. On folder This time, TACO and EliGE managed to lead their team with 16 and 19 kills respectively.

Source: HLTV

Map 2 – Inferno

Liquid. Source: HLTV

In this second map, Team Liquid, which initially dominated, must be forced to press, with NRG’s narrow advantage.

Team Liquid who started on the CT side must be depressed because their enemy dominates on the T side. Until finally the score first half closed at 11-4 over the lead of NRG.

In second half, suddenly Liquid was like a trance. After winning the first 3 rounds, they continued their dominance, eventually leveling their scores at 12-12.

Even though the NRG tries to win itself over by using timeout, still Liquid is unstoppable.

Up to match point Liquid, NRG managed to get 2 points before Liquid closed this map with a score of 16-14.

Source: HLTV

Once again, congratulations to Team Liquid for winning the title later this year. An event of this level may be the first to be held on the islands of Malta.

Indeed the name Malta in the realm CS: GO less well-known. However, the crowd’s excitement and nature cannot be underestimated.

nitr0 raises the 2018 finale trophy. Source: HLTV

Besides, Keith “NAF“Markovic also managed to claim a medal Most Valuable Player (MVP) in this tournament.

One of the newest players at Liquid has scored rating of 1.31 in the overall Supernova CS: GO Malta 2018. He beat the performance of his peers, such as EliGE, and Twistzz.

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This is the second medal from the NAF in Team Liquid after getting it in cs_summit 2. He was also MVP at the SL i-League Invitational Shanghai 2017 while he was still playing under the banner of Renegades.

The NAF gets a “small bonus”. Source: HLTV

Once again, congratulations to Liquid on the win, let’s hope this mixed American team is more stable and has more trophies in their hands.

And what is a curse runner-up have they been uprooted? Or will it continue again? Let’s wait for their next action!

supernova csgo malta 2018
Twistzz, TACO, nitr0, EliGE, NAF, zews. Source: HLTV

Following are the prizes and the order of the teams at the SuperNova CS: GO Malta 2018:

1. Team Liquid – US $ 80,000 (Rp1,139,000,000)
2. NRG – US $ 40,000 (Rp569,000,000)
3. BIG – US $ 15,000 (Rp.213,000,000)
4. HellRaisers – US $ 5,000 (Rp71,000,000)
5-6. TYLOO, – US $ 3,000 (Rp42,000,000)
7-8. Kinguin, Gambit – US $ 2,000 (Rp.28,000,000)

Edited by Yubian A. Huda