Team nxl> Stops Fortius’ Winning Record

Who would have thought, TEAMnxl>, who was tied to a draw by Platinum Gaming and PWN D1 and lost 0-2 to Phoenix Esports, managed to win 1 game against Fortius, the leader who was unbeaten for 12 matches at LGS, last Saturday.

This shocking game started with a double kill from Oceans11 with Graves taking down the Fortius botlane in the third minute. RubeN’s victory over Square on the toplane also added to the burden for Chupper and Rofens who found it difficult to farm early in the game.

TEAMnxl> used a very good start for Oceans to outperform the lead over Fortius, as well as disrupt the rhythm of Beyond and his friends’ play. Even the “Faker from Vietnam” was defeated by a solo kill by Whynuts.

The entry of Vinsanity as new support and Andre’s move to the AD Carry position made TEAMnxl> grow even stronger. Especially for Andre, who for several seasons has always been a support for Chupper at Kanaya Gaming, this can prove that he is better as an ADC than his old ADC.

At the end of the match, NXL managed to destroy the Nexus Fortius with a 14 thousand gold advantage.

In the second game, NXL also actually had a chance to win. However, Fortius is superior in mastering resources so that they can still win in terms of items. Although Oceans returned to play their Graves signature, duo Vietnam Beyond with Cassiopeia and Meocon with Nidalee led Fortius’ run to secure them from a second defeat of this meeting.

Meanwhile, LGS in the fourth week of the second day had to be postponed in the match between Eastern Roster and PWN D1 of the second game due to internet problems that hit the location of the LGS match at that time. So, there are 3 matches that must be postponed until an undetermined time, namely:

  • Eastern Rosters vs PWN D1 (game 2 only)
  • TEAMnxl> vs Platinum Gaming
  • Phoenix Esports vs Headhunters

Meanwhile, the first match between Kaliantusa vs Fortius was won by Fortius with a score of 2-0.

Information regarding the rescheduling of the schedule for the three matches will be notified via Facebook LOL Esports Indonesia ( no later than Tuesday (February 21). For Summoners who have posted the EZ IP prediction ( on the pending match, their IP will be returned by Tuesday.

Provisional standings for LGS Spring 2017 after Week 4 Day 1:

You can watch the replay of the LGS Spring 2017 match on the Youtube channel of League of Legends Indonesia. You can get information about LGS Spring 2017 through and