Team Phoenix Acquired by Immortals – Korean Team Fights in NA!

Team Phoenix which contains a squad of exes MVP Phoenix eventually acquired by Team Immortals, an esports organization based in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Announced through the official page Immortals, CEO of Team Immortals Noah Winston indeed several times expressed his interest in acquiring Squad Dota 2, since before The International 7. Finally, on September 7 2017 yesterday, Noah Winston through his team’s official YouTube channel released a video “NOAH’S NOTES | Dota 2 Announcement “ who directly announced that the organization he was building was ready to enter the world battle of Dota 2.

Considering the number of tournaments this year, Immortals as an organization that has been in the world of Esports for a long time, feels this is the right time. However at that time Immortals Still looking for the right team, and it seems that the choice fell on Team Phoenix, a team formed by the former squad MVP Phoenix who had parted ways and some time ago announced their return together.

MVP Phoenix themselves last together at the Boston Major, where they had to drop out in rank 9-16 even though in the previous Valve-Premier class tournament they never ended up ranking lower than the Top 6. The members then decided to split up and play in different teams for almost one year until The International 7 yesterday.

Quoting from Press Release Immortals, with this acquisition Team Phoenix officially became a part of Immortals who will be working on the Dota 2 scene. The organization has also secured sponsorship contracts, a new series of content to record their trip, the team home, and other benefits as well. To quote directly from Noah Winston:

“At Immortals, we’ve made no secret of our desire, under the right set of conditions, to enter Dota 2. We were drawn to Dota because of the enthusiasm and avidity of the title’s fan base and the best-in-class live event experience. The game, fans, and presentation create a special combination of quality content and entertainment, it is the kind of experience Immortals looks to deliver to our supporters. Immortals remains committed to fielding winning teams and, simultaneously, adding value to the ecosystems and communities in which we compete, “

“We look forward to the challenge of continuing to raise the bar for content and fan engagement in Dota and to furthering our mission, across all titles, of uniting fans and players, and bringing the esports community closer than it has ever been to the games. it loves. “

Through confirmation via their official Twitter account, the Dota 2 team Immortals played and competed in North America. This means that the team of South Korean players will not return to play in South East Asia – of course because of the organization Immortals based in the United States and all the facilities that have been prepared are in that country.

Of course there is no change from what was previously announced by Seon-yeob. “QO“Kim who gave the list of names of players from Team Phoenix – The same Korean Dota Overlords, who managed to finish The International 6 in the Top 6 and are known as playstyle hyper-aggressive :

  • Doo-young “DuBu“Kim
  • Sang-don “Forev“Lee
  • Seon-yeob “QO“Kim
  • Yong-min “Febby“Kim
  • No-a “MP“Pyo

It will be interesting to see how this team will perform in the upcoming Minors and Majors. Success for Immortals!

Edited by Hilmy “Hiruma” Khairy