Team Secret Announce Their New Roster, PPD and Zai Form a New Team!

Previous, Team Secret has announced that they have removed 2 players from their roster – shortly after The International 2017 ended. Finally they also announced their new roster for the upcoming season. Marcus “Ace“Hoelgaard and Adrian”FATA-“Trinks will replace Pyo”MP“No-a and Maurice”KheZu“Gutmann respectively.

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Ace is arguably less well-known in the competitive world of Dota 2, but for those of you who want to know a little about his professional career, he used to play on the team. Danish Bears with other players such as 13abyknight and Noia. The Danish Bears team was later acquired by Cloud9 before finally the roster was disbanded and returned to being the Danish Bears team again.

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Another case for FATA-, as one of the veterans in the competitive world of Dota 2, the name FATA- is no stranger. Even though he previously played role Solo Middle and not Offlaner in his teams before joining Team Secret. His final team is Team NP which will also be acquired by Cloud9 which will also be disbanded after The International 2017.

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Team Secret’s roster for next season are:

Best of luck, Team Secret!

After it was announced that Peter “ppd“Dager has resigned from the CEO post Evil Geniuses and zai who have left the team, they finally decided to form a new team. (Also Read: zai Quit Evil Geniuses, ppd steps down as CEOThe team he forms consists of players who are already well-known in the competitive world, and will be called by name The Dire.

The Dire team’s roster consists of:

Besides zai, CC&C, Pajkatt, and MiSeRy is also rumored to be a member of the team. CC&C has long been known as pubstar in the North American region, however, he only started his professional career in 2016. His previous team was Team Freedom, who failed to get past The International 2017 regional qualifying rounds. He was also invited as an Analyst at TI7.

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Pajkatt was the last time he played in the team Natus Vincere and must leave the team after one year. He has been in the competitive arena for a long time, but has not yet gotten a big achievement after joining several other teams such as Alliance, Team Tinker and mousesports.

LGD.Int: Pajkatt G, Brax, MiSeRy, 1437 – Image Courtesy:

As well as MiSeRy after The International 2016. Despite winning second place in the event, the team’s performance Digital Chaos after that it decreased; before finally roster Digital Chaos was released by their organization and acquired Planet Odd. Uniquely with The Dire roster, they returned MiSeRy and Pajkatt as a team, where they used to play together in the team. LGD.International in the 2012-2013 era!

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For those of you who can’t wait to see the performance of this team, they will participate in the King’s Cup: America event held by Beyond The Summit. The Dire’s first match will kick off on September 7 at midnight. Good luck, The Dire!

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