Team Secret Recruit 13 Year Old Boy to Fortnite Division!

Fortnite managed to invite many esports organizations to join forces to form competitive teams, though Epic Games as the developer has not announced an official esports league for the game.

Team Secret Fortnite. Source: Team Secret Website

Team Secret to be one of these organizations. The team that is famous through the division Dota 2In fact, this has officially enlivened the esports scene Fortnite on April 25, 2018. Apart from announcing the info, there’s an interesting story behind the arrangement rooster Fortnite from Team Secret.

Here’s the arrangement rooster Fortnite from Team Secret:

  • Mats “Sak0ner” Sorum (Captain)
  • Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson
  • Domeniks “Domentos” Bunts
  • Michael “VNHL” Gustad

One of the players, Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson turns out to be 13 years old. Usually, every esports tournament has its own rules that regulate the minimum age of participating players, such as having to be 16 or 18 years old to be able to participate in official leagues and tournaments.

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John Yao, CEO of Team Secret, who was interviewed by ESPN, admitted not knowing that Mongraal was very young when he recruited him: “I didn’t even know he was 13 years old until the team manager said so.

Image Courtesy: Epic Games

Because when we saw some videos and gameplay them, it doesn’t seem that way. The thing that took me by surprise was how young he and Kyle looked just like his team-mates. “

John also commented on the issue of tournament regulation regarding age restrictions: “It worries me a little. But even though they have age restrictions at the level publisher, there will be other tournaments that don’t have age restrictions. “

Apart from Team Secret, several esports organizations have announced divisions Fortnitefirst like FaZe Clan, Red Reserve, until SoloMid Team.

So, when will there be an esports tournament? Fortnite this? In China, Tencent is even ready to disburse funds of up to Rp. 2 trillion for it Fortnite.

Edited by Jabez Elijah