Team Secret Without MidOne in Perfect World Masters

A strong team certainly has a strong and solid roster too, if one of the five players cannot participate in a tournament it is likely that it will affect the performance of the strong team, this is being experienced by one of the representatives of the European team in the Perfect World Masters tournament, namely Team Secret.

A few hours before the start of the Groupstage – Perfect World Masters round, via Team Secret’s official twitter account, there was an important announcement where one of their strongest Midlaner players could not take part in the tournament due to urgent personal reasons.

Indeed, this is very crucial for Team Secret, where they have to play without their strongest Midlaner. To overcome this, Team Secret also announced a temporary substitute, “Cty”.

There is still no information about how long “Cty” will play with Team Secret, or clear information about the reason for “MidOne”. But hopefully this is the best decision, and for MidOne all is well.

The Perfect World Masters tournament itself will start today, 19 November 2017 where the first match will start at around 11:00 WIB.