Team Spirit Releases Ghostik Before Bukovel Minor Rolling

Team Spirit makes it to WePlay! Bukovel Minor in January 2020. Unfortunately, one of its personnel had to be willing to be released ahead of the second minor tournament.

Ghostik have to follow the trail Scyter who was kicked from Ninja in Pajamas and Ryoya which is also the same fate, namely being released by GeekFam when they have helped his team to qualify for Bukovel Minor.

Ghostik will be replaced by former Winstrike players and recently joined Dendi’s team which also recently won the Rivalry Winter Blast.

Source: Liquipedia

The player is Alexey “non-profit“Vasilyev played the role offlaner will be stand-in for Team Spirit on WePlay! Bukovel Minor.

“Andrey (Ghostik) certainly contributed greatly to the development of our team and achieved extraordinary results. But, unfortunately, there are different views on the training process, understanding of the game and other future developments. To be worse than good. I can’t say that there was some direct conflict, but the view of the process within the team was divided.

“Our players are young, so a positive atmosphere and trust in each other is a major factor for them. The lack of these things is a reason for substitution rooster. Either way, I want to thank Andrey for his professionalism and wish him good luck in his future career. “Said Ruslana Barest, Team Spirit manager on the Team Spirit website.

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Following rooster Team Spirit for Bukovel Minor:

  • Igor “iLTW“Filatov
  • Egor “ErgonKozlov
  • Alexey “non-profit“Vasilyev (stand-in)
  • Alexander “Immersion“Hmelevskoy.”
  • Mihail “Misha“Agatov

WePlay! Bukovel Minor will be held on January 9-12 2020 and will be participated by 8 teams to compete for 1 ticket to DreamLeague Season 13 (major) with a total cash prize of USD300 thousand and has a total of 660 DPC points.