Team Vitality Outstanding on the DreamHack Open Atlanta 2018 Stage!

Team Vitality managed to win the title DreamHack Open Atlanta 2018 after successfully dominating the grand final match against Luminosity with a score of 16-4 (Mirage), and 16-6 (Overpass). They also brought home the money at once US $ 50,000 or thereabouts 729 million rupiah!

DreamHack Open Atlanta itself is an annual tournament held by DreamHack. The level of this tournament is open, which means the majority of the teams playing are teams tier 2.

Team Vitality lifts the DH Open Atlanta trophy. Source: HLTV

This tournament was held at the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta on November 16-18 2018. They brought together 8 class teams to compete for the total prizepool worth US $ 100,000 or thereabouts 1.4 billion rupiah.

Cosplay exhibition at DH ATL. Source: DH

Besides matches CS: GO, DreamHack Atlanta presents other game titles, such as Hello 5, Hearthstone, Paladins, Smite, and 7 fighting games other. There are also music concerts, booth community, and game matches casual other.

However this time CS: GO is still the center of attention. In this year’s DreamHack Open Atlanta, the following 8 teams competed as follows:

Source: DreamHack

The system of this tournament is that they invite 6 teams, and 2 other teams come from European and North American qualifiers. Team Vitality won the European qualifiers, while eUnited from North America.

We move straight to the playoffs, where compLexity met with Vitality, meanwhile Ghost Gaming dealing with Luminosity.

Ghost Gaming and compLexity on folder the first managed to win, but was beaten on folder second and third until finally these two matches matched the same result, which is 2-1.

Luminosity made it to the grand-finals. Source: HLTV

The 2 matches also answer who will play in the grand final, namely Team Vitality and Luminosity.

First Map – Mirage

In the first map, the French team started on CT side, whereas Luminosity is the opposite. Starting with Vitality dominating, they get 6 consecutive rounds before Luminosity tries to retaliate.

However, from a score of 8-4, the French side did not give the Brazilian team one round until the end folder first closed with a score of 16-4.

Source: HLTV

Second Map – Overpass

In this Vitality select map, they will start on the T side, while Luminosity is the opposite. HEN1 et al managed to secure the first round of pistols, but before long, Vitality turned things around after full-buy. Luminosity left only 4 rounds in the round first half.

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In second-half, Luminosity won the round again. The win opened up the Brazilian team’s possibilities for comeback. But thanks to ZywOo’s good play, he managed to bring victory in the 18th round after he got an ace.

The victory in that round further closed the possibility of Luminosity turning things around, until finally apEX et al closed the second map with a score of 16-6 while winning the DreamHack Open Atlanta 2018 title.

Source: HLTV

This is the first LAN tournament that Vitality has participated in. With the young French talent in attendance, Mathieu “ZywOo“Herbaut, this team has proven that they deserve to be included in the list of world class teams.

At this event, we personally underline ZywOo as Most Valuable Player (MVP) of this tournament.

He recorded a rating of 1.49 at 10 folder which he plays. Even in his match against compLexity at folder Nuke, he noted rating amounting to 2.07 with ADR 116.

A combined roster of EnVyUs and G2 Esports players, plus 1 young French talent. Source: Vitality

Vitality is the first French team to win the tournament in 2018. After major changes in the arena CS: GO France, finally this country succeeded in closing its trophy fast.

But the question is, can Vitality be stable for the next 6 or even 12 months? Let’s hope for the best for Vitality so that it can bring the French name back up in the realm CS: GO world.

Following are the prizes and the order of the teams at the DreamHack Open Atlanta 2018:

1. Vitality – US $ 50,000 (Rp729,575,000)
2. Luminosity – US $ 20,000 (Rp291,830,000)
3-4. compLexity, Ghost – US $ 10,000 (Rp145,915,000)
5-6. eUnited, Rogue – US $ 3,000 (Rp.43,775,000)
7-8. EnVyUs, Fragsters – US $ 2,000 (Rp.29,183,000)

dreamhack open atlanta 2018
Source: HLTV

Edited by Yubian A. Huda