TEAMnxl> Decided to Get Cash, To Replace Sharky’s Position!

Change rooster came back from the realm of martial arts CS: GO Indonesia. Last Friday (5/7/19), a giant esports organization TEAMnxl> officially welcoming the arrival of its newest player, namely David “Cash“Setiabudi.

He will take Luke’s place. “Sharky“Setiawan has previously left TEAMnxl> since the middle of last May.

(Source: TEAMnxl>)

This official statement first came through the official TEAMnxl> account both on Facebook and Instagram.

Proudly announce our new CS: GO player, David “Cash” Setiabudi, with Cash joining the CS Division; GO, it is hoped that it can further strengthen and bring achievements to the NXL Team in the future. “

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Through the statement from Vega “soifongTanaka, he confirmed that Cash will fill the position rifle Sharky had previously abandoned.

“Cash has aim the ‘sick’ and can nge-clutch, where according to me live in poles gamesense and perintilannya, certainly could be one player Indonesia is the next one boom. ” he concluded about Cash.

The player with the real name David Setiabudi has indeed shown off jersey TEAMnxl> since last June, but it has only been officially announced to the public on July 5, 2019.

Some of the matches they have played together are cons Revolution, and SHIFT. You can see highlights details via the video above.

If we talk about Cash’s background, he doesn’t really have a long list of accomplishments. However, he did strengthen the team Bigetron Esports in the final weeks of the event IESPL TBOF CS: GO post Bigetron lost 3 players to XcN.

It is a big question mark whether Cash can add TEAMnxl ammunition to get back on track again, at least in the Indonesian local realm. What do you think, Buddy Revival?

With the arrival of Cash, rooster The complete list of current TEAMnxl> is as follows:

  • Richard “frgd[ibtJ]“Permana
  • Vega “soifong“Tanaka
  • Kennedy “FRAGILE!“Buntoro
  • Rae “recz“Abraham
  • David “Cash“Setiabudi