Telkomsel Continue the Mace Mobile Legends to Depok!

Continuing the success of the JAGOAN event in Jakarta yesterday, Telkomsel held a competition JAGOAN (Jawara Online Games Nowadays) the next for the city of Depok.

This competition will be held on January 13-14 2018 and takes place at D’Mall Depok. Participants who intend to take part in this competition are also required to attend the Technical Meeting the day before the match.

Registration rules for this JAGOAN competition are as follows:

1. Participants fill in the Google Form provided by the organizer,

2. Competitors are required to pay a registration fee of IDR 50,000 and will get 2 GamesMAX data packages which will be taken in the MOSCOW Mobile Legends Competition area,

3. Participants pay a registration fee of IDR 50,000 / team by transferring the registration fee to BCA 1670329301 A / N Adriansyah Latief

4. Confirm your registration by sending proof of transfer to the WhatsApp contact listed on the poster,

5. On the D-day, 2 TELKOMSEL GamesMAX internet starter packs will be given for 1 team,

4. Participants must use an active TELKOMSEL telephone number.

Apart from the registration rules above, there are no other changes to the rules with the JAGOAN competition in Jakarta which was held in December 2017. But for more details, all forms of complete rules, including participant rules, game rules and friends, please visit

On the link above, you can also register if you are interested in participating in the competition.

The prizes provided by Telkomsel for the JAGOAN competition this time have reached a total nominal value Rp. 10 million with the following divisions:

Champion number 1: Rp. 4,000,000
Runner up: Rp. 3,000,000
3rd place: Rp. 2,000,000
Champion 4: Rp. 1,000,000

For more information about the JAGOAN Depok competition, friends can also contact: CONTACT PERSON TELKOMSEL JAGOAN – JAWARA GAMES ONLINE JAMAN NOW: Adriansyah Latief: 085210006588 (NO CALL, NO LINE, WHATSAPP ONLY)

Oh yeah, if anyone asks, for those who may not have had any luck in the previous JAGOAN competition (Jakarta), there is no prohibition on returning to compete in this city of Depok – since Depok and Jakarta are actually close.

At least there are no written rules about that. However, maybe you can also ask for certainty again to the Contact Person that we wrote above for those who have been in Jakarta but want to come back to Depok.