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It was surprising that the news that came from DOTA 2 this time after yesterday (4/1) we were surprised by the leak of the code for the new hero in DOTA 2, today one of the series from the DOTA Pro Circuit had a problem. This is the 2018 Galaxy Battles which was supposed to be held in a few days in the Philippines.

galaxy battles 2018

With his stats as one of the Majors, it would be a shame if this tournament had to be canceled just like that. Because this news was immediately given by Valve via the DOTA 2 blog.

About the Galaxy Battles Major

Based on information we recently confirmed regarding new government regulations for esports players entering the Philippines, we have decided to cancel the tournament, including qualification points for the Dota Pro Circuit, for the 2018 Galaxy Battles tournament. This is based on what we feel constitutes an unreasonable violation of the privacy of the players, as a condition of entering this country. The tournament itself may still continue, but without the involvement of Valve or the Dota Pro Circuit. Obviously this is not a reflection of the feelings of fans in the Philippines, and we apologize for your plans to attend the event.

As a result, we’re talking to tournament organizers to try to find a way to run the Major with the invited teams and qualify, including the Pro Circuit points that will be available in Galaxy Battles 2018.

From this, it can be seen that Valve has let go of this Major and has removed him from the Dota Pro Circuit. However, if the organizers want, this tournament can still be held but without support from Valve, of course. Or if you want, the organizer can move the date and place of the event later.

With the time being so close, of course the organizers will almost certainly not be able to move the venue from this tournament. Even the possibility of the tournament being canceled is still high.

In addition, the Secret team coach in his stream said that the location of the tournament venue and all other supporting things was in an area that was not strategic. It can even be said to be remote for the size of a Major DOTA 2 event.

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The Philippine government itself has indeed considered esports as one of the sports which ultimately makes esports treated the same. As we know the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte is very much against drugs. And every athlete who enters the Philippines today is required to take a urine test to prove the players are safe from drugs.

What do you think about this incident?