The appearance of 2 remaining MLBB heroes who get the Superhero Skin Squad

Here are 2 heroes Mobile Legends Bang: Bang (MLBB) The remaining ones get the superhero skin squad, complementing Lancelot, Chou and Bruno.

Finally, 80% of the truth is certain that these two heroes will be the last heroes to get the superhero edition skins MLBB.

Two heroes ML those are Vale and Esmeralda, who will each release their superhero skins in turn.

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According to leaks circulating, Vale will be the first to release the superhero skin first, then Esmeralda.

Vale – Superhero Skin

Hero mlbb superhero skin squad

For the appearance of the Vale superhero skin, you can see directly from the photo that SPIN Esports provides above, with a look so elegant and cool!

Esmeralda – Superhero Skin

Hero mlbb superhero skin squad
photo via ig dafrixkun

As for Esmeralda itself, you can also immediately see from the photo that SPIN Esports provides above with skin number one on the top left being the skin that a superhero will make.

There is a giveaway contest with a prize of 1 million rupiah in game vouchers in the application!

Both skins are very cool and the price must be very high like the previous superhero skins that were released beforehand.

Interested in buying? Your diamond tube from now on, well, spinners, to buy one of the skins above or even both because to get it requires a lot of diamonds, up to 5000 diamonds more.

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