The bad luck of Lowkey Esports, who fell into Major Qualification due to the Internet

Still remember clearly when the DreamLeague S13: Leipzig Major, at which time Cignal Ultra had to give up the hunt for the last ticket to the second major tournament, ran aground.

Cignal Ultra, who previously complained about it packet loss, was forced to have to do pause length at 28 minutes and required all five of its players to perform disconnect.

TNC Predator did fair play by waiting for about 20 minutes. But the game admin decided to continue the match. Because of that March as captain of TNC Predator delivered a request to Cignal Ultra due to internet problems.

Cignal Ultra vs TNC Predator
Source: Cignal Ultra

However, the internet problems in the Philippines still seem to be a big stumbling block for the team from the Philippines.

The same thing happened when the closed qualification of the ESL One Los Angeles Major in the Southeast Asia region where 2 teams from the Philippines, namely Cignal Ultra and Lowkey Esports, were fighting over slots for the StarLadder Minor qualifiers.

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This time, the victim is not Cignal Ultra, but Lowkey Esports, who has internet problems so he is cut off in the game tiebreaker and sadly couldn’t reconnect in 10 minutes.

Source: Twitch ESL
Source: Twitch ESL

Even though both of them come from the same country, only Lowkey Esports is experiencing internet problems in the Philippines, making Cignal Ultra get a free win to get a slot to qualify for StarLadder minor.

Even though Lowkey Esports at that time was winning 10k networth and have Aegis in Slark. Unfortunately, in the 28th minute Lowkey Esports experienced the same thing as his opponent in the previous major qualification.

Editor: Yubian Asfar