The Best Combination of Weapons in PUBG Mobile Lite!

PUBG Mobile Lite was released for gamers who don’t have smartphones with high specifications. This game has a map that is smaller than the full version of PUBG Mobile and also has fewer players. All of this helps load the server as well as your cellphone. Since there is less variety of weapons available in PUBG Mobile Lite, choosing the best combination is a task that can be tricky.

Like all other versions, the best weapon combination in PUBG Mobile Lite will be the one that helps the player’s effectiveness with short and long-range attacks.

5. Scar-L gun and Mini-14

The Scar-L is a frequently used Assault Rifle (AR) with versatile capabilities, which makes it a suitable weapon for short to medium range combat. On the other hand, the Mini-14 is a Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) which can be used when you cannot rest your hands on the other rifles mentioned below.

4. M164A4 and SKS

M16A4 places a place as the third most suitable AR for PUBG Mobile Lite. This is due to its rate of fire and range of fire, which makes it an AR that is more suitable for short to medium range combat than the Scar-L or Tommy SMG weapons. The SKS, on the other hand, is a pretty decent DMR which can be used in the absence of a better choice.

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3. M249 and KAR98

The M249 is the best SMG on this list, owing to its versatility and extremely high bullet capacity (100). It is one of the most effective short-range weapons available in PUBG Mobile Lite, and is also a favorite of many professional gamers. On the other hand, KAR 98 is a sniper non-drop the best available in this game, and because of this, these two weapons make for a combination that is easy to find and effective in PUBG Mobile Lite.

2. M416 and M24

Overall, the M416 is a better AR than the AKM, with better range and stability, but is inferior to its fire-rate and for short-range combat. As most players rarely encounter the AWM, the M24 is the second best sniper rifle you can use to make effective weapon combinations, and is also available only via crates!

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1. AKM and AWM

For short range AR, AKM is the best available on PUBG Mobile Lite. Some of the disadvantages are high recoil and less stability of the gun. BUT it’s deadly when your second weapon is the dreaded AWM Sniper. This is assuming you are lucky enough to get one, as AWM is only available via drop crates. However, using AKM for short range combat and AWM for long and medium range sniping is one of the deadliest combinations you can use in PUBG Mobile Lite!

Note: If you get AWM, it doesn’t mean that the only effective and best combination that can be used is with AKM. This ranking only gives you an idea of ​​the best short and long range weapon combinations available to you in PUBG Mobile Lite, so just because you have an M416 doesn’t mean you are giving up the opportunity to use it with the AWM!

Spinners, do you agree with this weapon combination for PUBG Mobile Lite?

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