The C9 and TSM show that Envy isn’t ready for the big moment

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The fourth week NA LCS the match is not good for Tim Envy, one of the top teams NA LCS this received a losing streak. Envy lose over Cloud9 on Saturday and Tim SoloMid on Sunday, it fell to number four NA LCS with 5-3 points.
After losing too over IMMORTALS last weekend, it was reassuring to say that the three teams – TSM, IMMORTALS, and C9 – bad luck for the Team Envy now.

Both teams C9 (6-2) and TSM (8-0) played very well in the middle of the season, it was not about this Week’s loss which could weaken the Team mentally Envy on a losing streak.

ENVY had only 14 kills in four games, including a 0-kill loss in the opener against C9. When fighting TSM it can also be a shutout if TSM haven’t started going to destroy the Inhibitor turret at 17 minutes.TSM was actually able to take one of them, but aggression gave the player a chance to kill TSM at the time.

Meanwhile Evny successfully against weak teams, passively allows a lot of leeway for teams that can implement the strategy early and map pressure without stopping such as TSM, C9, and IMMORTALS.

All said Envy a little slack as the team was only formed late last month. And is likely still Trying to get up and develop confidence to execute a more aggressive macro-game strategy.

Meanwhile there is an opportunity to improve the standings next week against 1-7 Echo Fox and Team Liquid. Envy had to regain trust after these two losses were brutal.