The collapse of the secret weapon Evos Legends in Playoffs MPL ID Season 6!

Dealing with Onic eSports, the score is still 1-1. Evos Legends itself is in an unfavorable situation. Remembering Harith M1 on games 2, successfully silenced by ONIC.

Forced to head to games 3, both sides had a very precarious match. Considering the team that received the defeat, they had to leave MPL ID Season 6. EVOS itself returned to using Harith M1 as its mainstay.

Plus, EVOS doesn’t seem to hold back. Because they made changes to starting line up they. Presenting a surprise, because this is the first time EVOS has done this during the MPL ID Season 6.

Predicted as a secret weapon owned by EVOS, but ONIC actually undermines this. Intrigued by the collapse of the secret weapon Evos Legends on playoffs MPL ID Season 6? Let’s look at the discussion below!


ONIC’s Bruno and Rafaela combination has the toughness recognized by EVOS. Proven at the session draft pick, EVOS secured Rafaela as Harith’s companion in mid lane.

This decision became a barrier for ONIC to be able to present a combination of Bruno and Rafaela as in games 1. Due, Rafaela’s presence made the ability poke damage from Harith at early game become ineffective.

Because Rafaela is able to provide HP and additional regeneration movement speed. Despite being support less popular, but Rafaela is a quite crucial hero match this time.

EVOS Revicii

For the first time ever, EVOS Revicii showed its performance in MPL ID Season 6. Remembers throughout the round regular season going on, EVOS Revicii was always on the bench.

The presence of Revicii certainly shows that EVOS has prepared their new strategy. Due to the presence of different players, of course it will need game play different too.

Revicii itself displays a pretty slick performance. From the sharp instincts shown in early game, making Revicii tough enough to defend his side offlaner EVOS. In fact, Revicii is a player who has the biggest role for EVOS in games 3 of this.

The reason is, EVOS had fallen under ONIC’s dominance in phase early game. In fact, the match was very fierce since the beginning of the match. Unmitigated, Revicii gave momentum back to EVOS with the acquisition Maniac which he got.

EVOS Collapsed

Immediately you can see the reason why Revicii was staying as the secret weapon of EVOS in the round playoffs MPL ID Season 6. Even so, ONIC did not remain silent. ONIC is unmitigated, determined to tear down the secret weapon displayed by EVOS.

By doing lock hero against Revicii very quickly, EVOS lost momentum. The successful ONIC again suppresses EVOS and eliminates lord. In fact, Bruno ONIC Sanz returned the gain Maniac which also closes EVOS ‘journey in MPL ID Season 6.

That’s right, Onic eSports won the match with a final score of 2-1 over Evos Legends. Presenting an extraordinary match, both teams deserve thumbs up.

That’s the discussion about the collapse of the secret weapon Evos Legends in playoffs MPL ID Season 6! Congratulations to Onic eSports and keep the spirit for Evos Legends!