The difference between Damage Over Time and Burst Damage in Mobile Legends?

In the MOBA game, of course, there are a lot of terms used in gameplay. Among the many terms that exist, beginners in mobile legends should know. One of them is DOT and Burst Damage.

On this occasion we will provide an overview of the meaning of damage over time and burst damage. Before that, you need to know what damage is first.

What is Damage in Mobile Legends

Damage is the number of attacks you launch on the enemy. The damage dealt to the enemy will reduce the amount of HP it has. If the damage continues to be received then the HP will run out and that’s when the enemy will die.

So that’s the basic understanding of damage. After you know that, let’s just take a look at the review about understanding damage over time and burst damage. Check out the reviews below!

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Understanding Damage Over Time and Burst Damage

In the Mobile Legends game, you know that there are two types of damage that are often encountered in a game. The two types of damage are over time damage and burst damage.

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Damage Over Time

Definition of Damage Over Time and Burst Damage in Mobile Legends

Damage over time is a type of damage that takes time to reach the total amount of damage. Damage over time usually has a greater amount of damage than burst damage.

A simple example of damage over time is the effect of a poison that will inflict damage over a period of time. You need to know that damage over time cannot be used to kill existing enemies instantly. Time lapse is needed to provide a large enough amount of damage.

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Burst Damage

Understanding Burst Damage

Burst damage is a type of damage that can provide a large amount of damage directly. Unlike the damage over time, which requires a certain time interval to produce a large amount of damage.

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Using burst damage can easily kill enemies instantly. Usually this burst damage hero is a hero with role mage and assassin who can easily kill his enemy with one combo.

But you need to know that burst damage really depends on where. So you need to calculate which one you have before launching burst damage to your opponent.

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So that’s a review about the meaning of damage over time and burst damage in the MOBA game. Hopefully this review can be useful for all of you and can be a good source of reference for you! That is all and thank you.