The Dota 2 Community Encourages iNSaNiA After Making a Mistake at TI9!

Even though it has been named one of the games that has players toxic, the Dota 2 community again proves that this is completely untrue by taking the example of what happened to Aydin. “iNSaNiA“Sarkohi.

At yesterday’s event, iNSaNiA declared himself the most guilty party for Alliance’s failure to survive at The International 9 (TI9) after losing to Royal Never Give Up in lower bracket.

If maybe you still don’t know, the Gyrocopter played by miCKe is actually a hero who is planned to be banned, not to be used as happened.

iNSaNiA ti9
Source: The International 9

But somehow because I was too nervous, considering the stage of The International 9 was very magnificent plus the Alliance at that time also fought the home team, iNSaNiA didn’t seem to see timer from time tire hero and instead made Gyrocopter the fifth hero of the Alliance.

Knowing what actually happened, the Dota 2 community turned out to give a positive response to the 25 year old player. They gave their enthusiasm and support and said that this incident was not iNSaNiA’s fault.

iNSaNiA ti9
Source: Reddit

Even on Reddit, a post specifically appreciates the hard work done iNSaNiA So far it has received over 240 comments with most of them referring to the positives

Not only does it stop at the community, the professional players also support the Swedish player. They are among them SumaiL, Xnova, Fade, Limmp and several other players who cannot be named one by one.

iNSaNiA ti9
Source: Twitter

Responding to lots of love from the community and friends in the profession, iNSaNiA thanked him in a tweet on his personal Twitter account.

‚ÄúThank you very much for the moving comments on Twitter and reddit. To me it means more than I can describe in words. Thank you very much!!!!” He wrote.

After you see what the Dota 2 community has given to iNSaNiA that made a mistake at TI9, do you think that Dota 2 is one of the games with a toxic community that will disappear?