The Duke of Dolken Playing Mobile Legends with GPX Children, See the Expressions of Oura and Marsha!

Duke of Dolken playing Mobile Legends with the GPX kids, see the expressions of Oura and Marsha!

It turns out that the famous Indonesian actor, Adipati Dolken, is a pretty great Mobile Legends player.

It is reported that he has often played together with eSports Mobile Legends children such as Fredo, Ruben and many others.

The most recent Adipati Dolken is known to have played with GPX children who are indeed famous as the most popular streamer for MLBB games in Indonesia.

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Through Marsha’s live streaming on Nimo TV, Adipati Dolken looks very reliable in playing MLBB in any role.

GPX children, especially Marsha and Oura, were very nervous about playing together with this famous actor in Indonesia.

There is a giveaway contest with a prize of 1 million rupiah in game vouchers in the application!

The arrival of Adipati Dolken on the GPX podcast was very well received by them, the reason is for GPX children when will they be able to play with talented young actors like Adipati Dolken.

Previously, it was not only the Duke of Dolken who was the famous Indonesian actor who was known to like playing Mobile Legends.

Names such as Baim Wong, Brisia Jodie, Raffi Ahmad and others are also known to like playing Mobile Legends and have shared with GPX children.

Furthermore, who are the actors in Indonesia who are known to enjoy playing Mobile Legends too?

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