The fate of Nigma Esports: The TI9 Runner Up who failed to compete in the Leipzig Major

Travel Kuroky and friends after deciding to take off their uniforms Team Liquid and form a team Nigma Esports it looks like they still have to find a steep path after their poor result at the Leipzig Major.

Having to start their step through open qualifications, Nigma Esports’ journey itself can actually be said to be very smooth and they were even able to slaughter OG’s new tm resistance, namely OG Seed.

nigma esports leipzig major

Unfortunately, Nigma Esports did not get a similar result in the closed qualification group stage and even had to lose 2-0 to Team Liquid driven iNSaNiA.

Made it through to the playoffs after a dramatic win against Ad Finem, Nigma Esports is back helpless when it comes to meeting Team Secret. MATUMBAMAN who met his former teammate won with a narrow score of 2-1.

nigma esports leipzig major

Lose, Nigma Esports must come down and face it Alliance in a match of life and death for the sake of fighting for one last ticket to the Leipzig Major region Europe in best of three which of course will determine the fate of the team.

However, the results turned out to be still not in favor of Nigma Esports, Alliance, which appeared very fierce, successfully shaved bald with a final score of 2-0 as well as being the last team to advance to the Leipzig Major.

nigma esports leipzig major

Of course, the bad results received by Nigma Esports are proof that competition is for region Europe is very strict. Moreover, with the presence of the Outlanders Update, there are significant changes to META and the game.

Even so, it doesn’t mean that Nigma Esports’ struggle is over. Kuroky and the team will still enter the WePlay qualifiers! Bukovel Minor which will be held on December 5 and 6 tomorrow to compete for 1 second Minor ticket.