The Future of TNC Tigers After Failure to Advance to The International 8 Event

Maybe some esports activists Dota 2, especially in Indonesia still feel hypeits a match between TNC Predator and TNC Tigers.

The two teams under the same management are fighting for the final ticket to advance to the round of The International 8.

However, it is very unfortunate that the TNC Tigers are strengthened by Xepher and inYourdreaM must be defeated dramatically by TNC Predator.

The reason is, the 3rd match which almost belonged to the TNC Tigers had to lose after the tragedy Roshan Pit happens on late game.

It’s sad to remember that incident, even more so, the hopes of professional players have vanished Dota 2 from Indonesia to compete in the grand event Dota 2, The International 8 in Canada.

Then, this left several questions regarding the continuity of the TNC Tigers team after failing to qualify for the qualifying round of The International 8.TNC Tigers responded by doing live on the official Facebook fanpage to open a question and answer session.

TNC Tigers Live Stream. Source: TNC Tigers Facebook fanpage

Live guided by the Tigers TNC manager named Dawei “Xero” Teng (according to live Facebook) presents several interesting explanations for esports activists Dota 2 who watched.

The man wearing the ‘MMR 9000’ hat started the session live with a tour bootcamp which is located in the Malaysia.

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Many things color the live session until finally one question about steps arises rooster TNC Tigers next.

The manager said, “TNC Tigers will not disband and make up rooster more or less will remain the same. ” close Xero.

Apart from their struggles from the regional stage qualifier, TNC Tigers has the array rooster full of stars from the Southeast Asian region.

Call it the idol from Vietnam, 458, a star from Malaysia, kyxy, Indonesian duo, inYourdreaM & Xepher until the team captain is full of experience, 1437.

1437 TNC Tigers Dota 2. Source: TNC Tigers Facebook fanpage

However, inYourDreaM and Xepher have yet to officially announce their departure from The Prime Esports and Rex Regum Qeon.

Status trial what they carry may change at any time after the impressive results in the qualifying round of The International 8.

rusman dota 2
Xepher – inYourdreaM at TNC Tiger

So far, TNC Tigers Dota 2 has not won any event yet. They have to lose with Clutch Gamers in the final round of ProDota Cup SEA # 12 after being beaten by a score of 1-3.

However, Zero admitted that his team will participate in the ProDota Cup SEA # 13 after the impressive performance in the qualifying round of The International 8.

TNC Tigers Dota 2. Source: TNC Tigers Facebook fanpage

However, with the latest Dota Pro Circuit regulations where a team and the same management can only send one representative to The International 9.

It is possible that the TNC Tigers will change the name of the team or management seeing the great potential of the team in the competitive realm Dota 2 Southeast Asia region.