The King and the Tiger Reunited in Pro Dota Cup # 6

The King and the Tiger are meant to be a battle between 2 teams that meet quite often in local and foreign tournaments, namely the meeting between Rex Regum Qeon and EVOS Esports.

Especially for the Pro Dota Cup tournament in Season 5, where the two teams met in the playoffs and RRQ won the match 2-0.

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But it seems that EVOS doesn’t want to think about the defeat for too long and they managed to avenge the defeat in another tournament. Similar to RRQ, EVOS also won 2-0 in the Infinite Sky League Groupstage round yesterday.

The one you’ve been waiting for comes back. At exactly 17:30 today, the two teams will compete in the Pro Dota Cup SEA 6 – Groupstage with the Best of 2 format.

Wow, it looks like it’s going to be fun. In your opinion, who will win the match this time, or maybe the draw will also remember the best of 2 format.

Watch this exciting match together with caster RevivaL TV on our YouTube channel, of course.