The Knicks are the only team in the NBA that is suitable for Westbrook

After being eliminated in the early playoffs, the Houston Rockets found themselves in a state of uncertainty regarding the future. And according to one analyst, the Knicks are the only good fit for Russell Westbrook.

Thanks to his highly controversial play and playoff struggles this year, Russell Westbrook is caught in the middle of all the chatter and will likely find himself in the middle of trade rumors when the NBA offseason finally kicks in.

But which team is the former MVP fit for? One league executive suggested that the Knicks might be the only team out there that could make things work with the point guard’s star man.

(via Eric Pincus from Bleacher Report )

“[New York] The Knicks may be the only team that is suitable for Russell Westbrook, “continued the executive. “Not sure if there is anything else.”

The Knicks’ quest for a star has not yielded the desired results, even though their city-wide rivals have already earned two stars.

While Westbrook cannot win the title alone, getting it would be a step in the right direction for the Knicks who can then focus their energies on trying to build a roster around him.

Most importantly, the Knicks will finally have a player icon to lead the organization and its fans to give them hope for the future.

There are clearly worse ways to choose a struggling franchise than to take the MVP and 9x NBA All-Star.