The Most Exciting All-Star Match with a Total of 196 Kills!

One of the most eagerly awaited at a major tournament is a fun match that brings together players from various teams and unites them into one, generally the fun match event is called the All-Star Match.

The last All-Star took place in a sizeable tournament called ‘The Final Match’ which was held Offline in Peru. This match became quite a scene compared to other All-Star matches because they played for a long time and even got a total of up to 196 Kills.

Maybe from the number of kills it looks quite normal for those of you who usually watch All-Star matches with the 10vs10 format, but this fun match is the 5vs5 format.

All-Star matches in the ‘The Final Match’ tournament bring together several well-known pro players such as Loda, Era, Fng, Vanskor, etc. Even Tobi also had time to step in to replace Era who used Earthshaker, you know.